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Terms and Conditions

  1. The website ("LottosOnline" the "Website" "Our") is owned and operated by Marvicap Ltd, Archangelou 48, Office 207, 2nd floor, Engomi, 2404, Nicosia, Cyprus. Company Registration Number HE 336864.
  2. Our terms and conditions becomes legally binding and enforceable on registration of an account by the Player, any user of, who accepts all the terms and conditions set herein.
  3. All prices and balances reflected on LottosOnline are in Euros (€).
  4. These terms and conditions may be amended from time to time and a Player's continued use of our service constitutes consent to these terms and conditions and any amendments made by LottosOnline.
  5. Only persons over the age of 18 years are eligible to play any of the lotteries or raffles on offer, or claim any winnings resulting from their ticket entries.
  6. LottosOnline provides a messenger service providing the purchasing, storing and handling of the official lottery ticket entries.
  7. LottosOnline does not offer any type of lottery or gambling products; the entries represent tickets purchased for the participation in the official lotteries organised and managed by the lottery operators and not by LottosOnline.
  8. LottosOnline, its officers, directors, employees, agents, and affiliates, will not be liable for any loss or damage, direct or consequential, arising from content published by third party advertisers and marketers.
  9. A Player must register and create a LottosOnline account before their first purchase, by providing LottosOnline with their correct personal information which is required to ensure there are no delays with the purchases of their ticket entries and processing of winnings claims.
  10. Certain country and territory restrictions are listed in our FAQ page. Residents of these restricted regions will not be able to create an account. Registered players who subsequently move to one of these restricted regions will no longer be able to make payments or to process winnings claims.
  11. Once a Player account has been created, the Player agrees to be held strictly liable for any activities linked to their Player account. Any suspected breach of a Player account must be reported to LottosOnline as soon as the Player suspects or becomes aware of that breach.
  12. Only one account per Player is permitted. LottosOnline reserves the right to disable, ban or remove accounts that are deemed to be duplicated. LottosOnline further reserves the right to ban and/or suspend any Player that displays any intention of duplicating their account or abusing registration services in any way. This includes any attempt to circumvent the regional restrictions on accounts. Any winnings derived from these accounts will remain the property of LottosOnline and/or its agents.
  13. A Player account will be considered dormant if there is no activity on the account for a period of 365 consecutive days. A dormant account will be charged an administration fee of €10 at the end of every calendar month for as long as it remains dormant or until all Winnings and/or Account balances reach zero. A dormant account cannot go into negative balance, nor will any registered payment methods ever be charged to pay administration fees. Any account activity will reactivate the account and cancel the fee for that calendar month. Any administration fees that have already been charged are non-refundable.
  14. The ticket entries are chosen by the Player on; including future dated entries and purchased subject to the rules and procedures of the relevant lotteries entered.
  15. LottosOnline cannot purchase any further ticket entries for the specific draw after the lottery draw's specific cut-off time. The Website automatically changes over to the next available draw date at this cut-off time. Each lottery has its own countdown to the cut-off times on LottosOnline showing the remaining time to purchase tickets for the next draw.
  16. A confirmation of a Player's purchase will be emailed to the Player after their purchase has been confirmed and the official lottery tickets purchased will dictate the claim. In the event that the Player does not receive a confirmation of purchase, the onus is on the Player to contact LottosOnline via email to immediately report this.
  17. Digitally scanned copies of official lottery tickets purchased on behalf of a player are provided on a best efforts basis. At times of extremely high sales volumes it may not be possible to provide a scanned copy of the ticket. Where possible, when a scan cannot be provided, players will be notified prior to purchase. Where scans of official lottery tickets are offered, these are made available to a player within their secure account. Scans will not be sent as an email attachment.
  18. LottosOnline does not accept any responsibility for errors made by the Player when instructing a ticket entry purchase. The onus is on the Player to ensure that numbers and details provided are correct.
  19. Once a Player has commenced the purchase of tickets entries, LottosOnline is unable to offer any refunds and ticket entries cannot be amended or cancelled. Players must carefully check their numbers before completing their purchase to avoid any errors.
  20. LottosOnline may at its discretion offer new players a Welcome Bonus. If the Welcome Bonus promotion is available, this will be clearly noted on the home page and on other locations on the site.
  21. If the Welcome Bonus promotion is active when a Player makes their first purchase, they will receive a Welcome Bonus amount, which are funds added to the Player's Rewards Balance that match a Player's first purchase up to an amount not exceeding €50 (Fifty Euros). The Welcome Bonus is a one-off introductory offer for first-time purchases only, and cannot be awarded on subsequent purchases even if the initial purchase is an amount less than €50
  22. When a player qualifies for a Welcome Bonus promotion, the Welcome Bonus will immediately reflect in a Player's Rewards Balance after their first purchase and may be used to make future purchases. Any winnings resulting from purchases made using the Welcome Bonus funds will be treated as normal winnings and can be claimed in line with the existing winnings claims conditions.
  23. For your reference all credit card payments will result in a payment descriptor displayed on the order confirmation page / order confirmation email. The descriptors at this time can include "MARVICAP*LOTTOSONLINE" and "LOTTOSONLINE.COM" but may change from time to time.
  24. All payments are immediately debited with the value of the transaction and in the event of fraudulent activity with the payment will result in the tickets purchased becoming the property of LottosOnline and any winnings that are derived therefrom will remain the property of LottosOnline and/or its agents.
  25. LottosOnline reserves the right to cancel any transaction that appears to be of a fraudulent nature and the account of the Player in question may be suspended.
  26. LottosOnline can only conclude a playing agreement with Players who are lawfully entitled in their prevailing jurisdiction to participate in the services offered by LottosOnline.
  27. Any playing agreement concluded with a Player who is not entitled to participate in the services offered by LottosOnline may be cancelled, suspended, revoked, forfeited or enforced at the exclusive election of LottosOnline.
  28. LottosOnline, its officers, directors, employees, agents, and affiliates, accepts no responsibility and is expressly indemnified from any and all actions of any Player who participates in the services offered by LottosOnline when that Player is prohibited from doing so by the laws prevailing over that Player.
  29. At all material times the onus rests on the Player to ensure that any law applicable and governing their conduct does not prohibit them from concluding a playing agreement or participating in the services offered by LottosOnline. It is the Player's exclusive responsibility to ensure that any changes to the laws governing their transactions do not affect their ability to participate in the services offered by LottosOnline.
  30. LottosOnline, its officers, directors, employees, agents, and affiliates, does not accept liability of any kind in case of non-acceptance of the offer of the Player by the respective lottery operator. Furthermore LottosOnline, its officers, directors, employees, agents, and affiliates, does not accept liability of any kind for mistakes in the area of the respective lottery operator.
  31. The fees charged by LottosOnline to the Player includes the cost price of the lottery tickets and the service fees arising from the messenger services provided by LottosOnline's agents.
  32. Only the prices quoted at the time of the selection of ticket entries by the Players are valid.
  33. Players acknowledge that they may be responsible for the payment of their local taxes in respect of any winnings. It remains the Player's sole responsibility to report any taxable winnings to their local tax authorities.
  34. For smaller winnings, the amount won will reflect in a winning Player's Winning Balance as soon as the ticket numbers have been confirmed by our agents. The amount that is reflected will, where applicable, be shown less any taxes or other fees that would ordinarily be deducted from the total winnings amount, in accordance with rules and procedures of the relevant lottery operator.
  35. For larger winnings, LottosOnline will contact the winning Player to arrange for that Player to collect their winnings. Any third-party costs associated with the collection and transfer of winnings remains solely the responsibility of the winning Player.
  36. Winnings reflected in a Player's Winnings Balance can be accessed when a Player uses the 'claim winnings' option on the Claim page, and follows the resulting claims process. A minimum claim amount shall apply. The Player is responsible for any fees arising from the processing of said claim.
  37. LottosOnline adheres to Anti-Money Laundering principles. As part of the claims process, a Player may be required to show some or all of the following proofs of identity and address: A colour photo or scan of the Player's government-issued photo ID (such as passport, driving licence or ID card); A copy of a recent (past 3 months) utility bill; A recent credit card statement.
  38. A Player's account contains 3 (three) balances reflecting funds. Each balance has been allocated a specific purpose as set out below:

    1. Account Balance is used by the Player to deposit funds into and to be used make purchases of ticket entries on LottosOnline.
    2. Winnings Balance is used by LottosOnline to reflect any winnings to be processed by our agents as a result of a Player's ticket entries.
    3. Rewards Balance is used by LottosOnline to credit the Player with their welcome bonus and any other promotional funds such as cashback received from the loyalty program and or other account credits issued by LottosOnline.
  39. Any rewards balance in a Player's account will expire if a Player has not made a purchase for more than 60 days. Provided the Player makes a purchase within the 60 days, the full rewards balance will be protected from expiry.
  40. Winning amounts advertised can vary from the actual amount received due to currency fluctuations and the Player waives any claims for differences in winnings published and winnings received.
  41. Any funds reflected in the Rewards Balance may only be used by the Player to purchase ticket entries in the lotteries and raffles offered by LottosOnline. Funds in the Rewards Balance may not be withdrawn and paid out of a Player's account.
  42. Bank transfers and other alternative payment methods will only be credited to a Player's Account Balance once they have been received and processed by LottosOnline.
  43. Once a Player has successfully made a payment we will securely register a reference to that payment and add it the Registered Payment Methods list, which can be viewed or modified here at any time.
  44. Amounts which are deposited by the Player by credit card or other payment method are credited to the Account Balance. Funds deposited into the Account Balance may not be withdrawn or transferred and can only be used for the purposes of purchasing ticket entries in the lotteries and raffles made available by LottosOnline.
  45. ‘Subscription' is an entry method and recurring billing system that automatically enters the Player's ticket entries, based on either the renewal of a multi-draw entry once it has come to an end or a jackpot subscription where the minimum jackpot entry rule has been set by the Player. Subscription entries are confirmed by the Player selecting their entry particulars including the lottery entered and the numbers they want to be entered and will continue until such time as the Player logs into their account and changes the entry particulars of their subscription entry or pauses the subscription entry entirely.
  46. The Player acknowledges that ticket entries affected by the subscription process have been purchased with the express consent of the Player, by virtue of the fact that the Player has made the ticket entry selections with full understanding and acknowledgement of the resultant process.
  47. All information, content and services displayed on, transmitted through, or used in connection with this site is the property of LottosOnline.
  48. All Players' data is stored securely subject to SSL security encryption and will be treated confidentially. LottosOnline handles all personal information and data in accordance with its privacy policy. LottosOnline adheres to strict anti-fraud policies and is protected by various anti-fraud systems.
  49. Players must adhere to any security verification practices and data identity protocols used by LottosOnline from time to time.
  50. The Liability is limited to direct damages. LottosOnline is not liable for indirect and/or consequential damages arising from the event causing the damage.
  51. While LottosOnline will make every reasonable effort to do so, LottosOnline has no duty to purchase tickets or collect winnings where they are prevented from doing so for any reason beyond the control of LottosOnline or their agents or employees.
  52. In the case of the death of a Player, the executor(s) of that player's estate will be authorised to claim any and all winnings reflecting in the deceased player's Winnings Balance.
  53. If a Player has any complaints, claims or disputes with regards to LottosOnline, the Player must submit a full written description of the event as soon as possible. Complaints, claims or disputes should be submitted by email to
  54. LottosOnline reserves the right to withdraw any service without prior notice.
  55. These terms and conditions for the arrangement of the participation in the lotteries and raffle have been written originally in English and may be translated into other languages from the original. In case of doubt only the English version is exclusively valid and the translations have only an explanatory function.
  56. These terms and conditions will be governed by the laws of Cyprus and any dispute or interpretation relating to LottosOnline will be determined in accordance with them. Players agree to solve any disagreement or dispute by mediation and thereafter arbitration and exhaust all other remedies before seeking recourse directly in the courts of Cyprus.