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Spanish El Gordo Results & Winning Numbers

Draw Date Winning Numbers

Sunday 4 December 2022 5274244537

MatchesNumber of WinnersPrize Money per Winner
Match 5  + 1 Reintegro0EUR€ 12,400,000.00
Match 5 1EUR€ 185,076.86
Match 4  + 1 Reintegro21EUR€ 1,602.40
Match 4 166EUR€ 236.50
Match 3  + 1 Reintegro1102EUR€ 40.71
Match 3 8149EUR€ 17.89
Match 2  + 1 Reintegro18586EUR€ 6.04
Match 2 133486EUR€ 3.00
Match 1 Reintegro354608EUR€ 1.50

Weekly El Gordo Lottery Results

Have you won the jackpot? Here are the latest weekly El Gordo lottery results, direct from Spain. Good luck!

The weekly El Gordo lottery draw takes place every Sunday at 13:00 Central European Time (CET).

Are you a lucky winner?

There are nine prize payout tiers for the weekly El Gordo draw. The jackpot is won by matching five main numbers (from 1-54) plus one key number (from 0-9). Starting at €5 million, the jackpot rolls over if there is no winner. It has been known to reach more than €30 million!

To win the minimum prize, you'll need to match just the one key number.

No matter how small or large your prize, we will always send notification of your winnings via email, immediately after the draw.

Read on for the weekly El Gordo lottery results - it's time to make those big money dreams come true!

Draws are conducted every Sunday.