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Spanish La Primitiva Results & Winning Numbers

Draw Date Winning Numbers

Saturday 2 July 2022 627283238454

MatchesNumber of WinnersPrize Money per Winner
Match 6  + 1 Reintegro0EUR€ 27,500,000.00
Match 6 0EUR€ 0.00
Match 5  + 1 Complementario0EUR€ 0.00
Match 5 170EUR€ 4,197.08
Match 4 10606EUR€ 74.35
Match 3 194047EUR€ 8.00
Match 1 Reintegro1174734EUR€ 1.00

Spanish La Primitiva Lottery Results

La Primitiva is one of the world's oldest and most lucrative lotteries. Have you won millions? Here are the Spanish La Primitiva lottery results, straight from Madrid!

The La Primitiva lottery draw happens every Thursday and Saturday at 21:30 Central European Time (CET). Let's find out if it's time to pop the champagne and celebrate!

Are you a multi-millionaire?

With seven prize payout tiers, the Spanish La Primitiva results include six main numbers (from 1-49), plus an extra number, known as the Complementario. The Reintegro number (from 0 - 9) is drawn separately. It is randomly selected and appears on your lotto ticket.

To win the jackpot, you'll need to match all six main numbers plus the Reintegro. You will also win a big prize if you match six main numbers, or five main numbers plus the Complementario.

The Spanish La Primitiva jackpot starts at a minimum of €2,000,000 and rolls over each week if there is no winner - sometime reaching more than €50,000,000!

You can win €8 by matching just three main numbers - just imagine the life-changing possibilities if you matched more!

Draws are conducted every Thursday and Saturday.