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Spanish Raffles Lottery

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The Spanish Raffle Story

The Spanish have been enjoying lottery games since the 18th century. The most famous of these, the Spanish Christmas raffle (known as the Lotería de Navidad) has been run every year since 1812, making it one of the longest continuously running lottery games in the world.

Since then, other raffles have been added to the lineup, with the Loteria Nacional running a New Year raffle to accompany the Christmas raffle, known as the Loteria del Nino. There are also regular smaller raffles throughout the year.

How Much Could You Win?

The Spanish Raffles are famed for their huge prize pots, for example the 2017 Spanish Christmas Raffle has a prize pool of over €2-Billion, with the top prize at €4-Million. As it is a raffle, if every single ticket is purchased, every single prize must be won. The Spanish Raffles give you some of the best odds of any lottery game of winning fantastic amounts of money.

Play Spanish Raffles Online

To play these Spanish Raffles online, simply log in to your LottosOnline account. If you haven't registered yet, don't worry - it's a quick and straightforward process!

Once you have logged in, select the raffle number you want to play, and choose how many shares in that number you would like to buy. Each ticket is split into 10 equal shares, also known as ‘decimos’ in Spanish. You can pay for your official Spanish Raffle entries using the payment method of your choice.

After you have purchased your raffle entry, we will send email confirmation immediately.

You've Won! What Happens Next?

Congratulations! Whether your winnings reach the hundreds, thousands or millions, you have plenty of reason to celebrate! If you have purchased a winning raffle ticket via LottosOnline, we will notify you immediately via email. Then, it's time for you to withdraw your winnings!

Simply log in to your LottosOnline account and view your LottosOnline winnings wallet. Your winnings will be visible straight away and are ready to be withdrawn into your bank account or transferred to your Account Balance.

Fun Facts About Spanish Raffles

Did you know?

  • The Spanish Christmas raffle is such a popular part of the Spanish culture that not even the Spanish Civil War interrupted it. The organisers simply relocated it from Madrid to Valencia during the war years, and Franco kept it running after he took over.
  • A huge proportion of the adult Spanish population regularly plays the raffle, meaning that unlike with a lottery, the tickets for a given raffle could actually sell out!
  • Even the 'smaller' raffles regularly have prize pots in the tens of millions of Euros.

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