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£1 million lottery winner upgrades rust-bucket car for top-of-the-range Audi

Thu 11 Feb 2016, By Dean Cromwell
UK lottery winner was a cab driver and used his millions to buy a new Audi

Many play the EuroMillions online in the hope that they can win enough money to junk their old car and trade it in for a flashy luxury ride.

It's true, as 10% of all lottery winners instantly buy new cars, much like a UK taxi driver who won the EuroMillions lottery and instantly traded his beat-up cab for an ultra-slick Audi.

74-year-old Arthur Howard has been a taxi driver all his life but after he won £1 million in the EuroMillions lottery, he instantly gave up his job and purchased a gleaming-white Audi A8. This incredible jackpot also comes with a free trip to Dubai, and Arthur will use this to celebrate his 57th wedding anniversary in style. There were seven total £1 million winners of the 29 January 2016 EuroMillions draw.

Arthur mentions how he was getting too old to be a taxi driver and that the one aspect of the job he will miss are his friends, as they are all taxi drivers like him. Oddly enough, being a taxi driver led to his win, as the winning ticket was purchased with change Arthur used to collect in his cab. He was so dumbstruck when he saw that his lottery ticket numbers matched that he had to call the lottery twice to confirm, as he hung up the first phone call in absolute shock!

As for buying a flashy new mansion (another favourite of lottery winners), Arthur insists that he will not be moving homes but will instead be upgrading their house so that their four children and nine grandchildren can live comfortably.

The Audi was Arthur's first purchase he made before picking up his wife at the local supermarket, where she was stressing about money that was stuck in a trolley vending machine.

"She was worried because her pound was stuck in the trolley but she doesn't need to worry about the odd pound now."