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11 crazy lottery facts that will blow your mind!

Wed 25 Nov 2015, By Henry 'Mystic' Maven
11 incredible lottery facts

Sit back, relax and enjoy these outrageous lottery facts!

  1. A bank manager in China robbed his own place of business of $26 000 in order to buy lottery tickets. Astonishingly, he bought a winning ticket where he won the $6.7 million jackpot. Unluckily for him, he lost almost all the money and was later sentenced to death, as China has a zero-tolerance criminal punishment system against thievery.
  2. One Chicago-based couple won over $30 million in the lottery and kept it secret from friends as well as their children!
  3. One in every three female lottery winners will hide their winning ticket in their bra.
  4. According to a grim statistic, there's a higher chance of dying on your way to purchase a lottery ticket, than it is to win the lottery.
  5. Back in 2005 a random set of fortune cookies accurately predicted the lottery numbers. This caused 110 people to strike it lucky, and prompted a criminal investigation. All 110 winners tied for second prize in the US Powerball.
  6. A local store tricked a player out of a $5 million lottery ticket, telling him that it was worth only $5000. They even had the gall to pay him out a measly $4000 before forcing him out of their store!
  7. Greed is never good. One woman who won $1.3 million in a US state lottery divorced her husband to ensure that he never received any winnings. This didn't work out of and her ex-husband was eventually awarded 50% of the winnings by court order.
  8. Joan Ginther is possibly the luckiest person in the world, winning a scratchcard lottery four times, and getting million-dollar payouts with each one.
  9. Want to win lottery tickets from bad vehicle drivers? In Stockholm, a speeding camera lottery system lets good drivers bet on the license plates of drivers with speeding fines.
  10. Here's an easy but expensive way to win the lottery. In 1992, over $5 million in lottery tickets with different number combinations were purchased by a very large syndicate. It paid off though, as by purchasing almost every combination, the syndicate won $27 million! There are over 175 million possible different lottery number combinations when playing the US Powerball.
  11. A professor with a PhD in statistics managed to win millions of dollars four times in a row by using a secret formula (that she refuses to share with the rest of us) that precisely figured out the winning scratchcard production algorithm.

The number one fact of them all, is that you have to be in it to win it, in other words you've got to have that lottery ticket to win! Don't just dream about playing the lottery, play your favourite lottery games online from anywhere and stand the chance to scoop up those multi-million jackpots!