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$174 Million MegaMillions winner takes their first step towards the Forbes List

Tue 11 Apr 2017, By Henry 'Mystic' Maven
Forbes list billionaires

It’s almost enough to make you jealous when you go through the list. The many names of people from around the world who have made it onto the Forbes 2017 Billionaires List lets you imagine how it must feel to have access to such large amounts of money.

The exciting news is that winning lotto numbers can bring you one step closer to the type of lifestyle these richest of the rich enjoy.

At the end of March someone’s lottery ticket in Arkansas earned them $174M in a Mega Millions jackpot win, with the numbers 17-24-27-32-58-10. This person has not yet been named, so somewhere a new millionaire is still approaching the life of fame and fortune we all daydream about. But what did the billionaires do while they were still only dreaming of their big bank accounts?

Billionaires you know

There are many individuals who have been on the Forbes Billionaires List for many years. You’re probably used to seeing their faces and most of them have companies that place products in almost every home. Your winning lottery numbers may fund your rags-to-riches story. What product will you sell to the world?

Bill Gates

How many of us have not made use of Microsoft technology either on a computer or a Smartphone? The mind who started all of this is Bill Gates and his fortune is well deserved since he pursued a terrific idea and applied lots of hard work.

Jeff Bezos

If you don’t know this billionaire’s name you most definitely know his products. The head of takes the bronze medal on this year’s list. Most likely he feels as if he picked winning lottery numbers because his fortune increased by $27.6 Billion this past year alone. This increase pushed him up from fifth place since last year and now he’s worth $72.8 Billion.

Mark Zuckerberg

We all know this face who started up the social media hit called Facebook, which has earned Mark $56 Billion to date. You’ll be happy to know that this billionaire started out from humble beginnings. This means you can reach these heights too and by choosing winning lotto numbers you can give yourself a great head start.

Unfamiliar fortunes

Many billionaires prefer not to be in the limelight but this doesn’t mean their companies and products aren’t seen and used by us daily. The lucrative businesses the following people dreamt up became reality and today they supply us with many necessities and luxuries.

John & Patrick Collison

These sons of Ireland don’t have a physical product but their contribution to society enables you to do certain online payments. They own the company Stripe. They’re based in San Francisco but their own country must feel very proud of the impact these siblings have made.

John is now the youngest billionaire on earth with a net worth of $1.1 Billion. What does one do when you reach your goal at such a young age? What will you do when your lottery ticket wins you millions in prizes? If you play EuroMillions or play EuroJackpot this week you could walk away with some super jackpots. 

Evan Spiegel

This brilliant mind brought us SnapChat. Until John Collison was revealed on the list, Evan was known as the youngest of the super-rich. He’s a self made billionaire so he can be very proud of his achievement so early in life. Other individuals have taken quite a few years to reach these heights.

Manny Stul

Manny took his time to reach this prime spot in life but along the way he achieved quite a lot. Currently his wealth of $1.4 billion is mainly from Shopkins which produces unique toys for kids. Who could have guessed children’s whims can make someone so much money? However he has been involved with many businesses over the years including giftware and even organic farming.

What will your road to success look like? Do you have an original product idea that can snowball into a multi-million dollar company? Or maybe you know of a service many people need? Do you have the skill and the knowledge but simply require some capital to get your started? Your journey can develop into a Forbes success story and winning lottery numbers may be your ticket to the big time.