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2018 is Going to be the Year of the Jackpots

Wed 10 Jan 2018, By Henry 'Mystic' Maven
What Jackpots for 2018

What was your wish for the New Year? For a few lottery players their dreams came true in the past few weeks. The chances they took while wishing for a new start to a new year paid off and turned their lottery tickets into millions. Are you sure it’s not your jackpots waiting to be claimed?

Yes. Jackpots. Plural. Two lotteries’ jackpots were won recently and thanks to many roll overs the prize money was some of the biggest ever seen.

Could you imagine the luxury and adventures 2018 could have in store if you were one of these winners?

2018’s First Big Winners

If these huge wins are a sign of what this year will bring, you must make sure you have your numbers ready for each draw. What if the next big win is yours?

MegaMillions’ $450-Million Winner

The MegaMillions winner who picked the numbers 28 30 39 59 70 and Mega Ball 10 on 5 January is in line for a hefty prize. This lottery will award this amazing jackpot if the ticket holder comes forward. The ticket was purchased at a supermarket in Port Richey, Florida.

This was a case of beating the odds of 302.5 million to one. Are you sure this wasn’t you? Remember, MegaMillions players only have 180 days after a draw to claim prizes. Lucky for us Florida’s laws require winners to make their names known to the public. Soon we’ll know who this lucky winner is!

Powerball’s $559-Million Winner

It seems it was a lucky weekend to play the lottery. During the very same weekend an additional millionaire was made.

A local from New Hampshire hit this amazing jackpot and he or she may not know it yet. Or perhaps the winner is still in shock? That’s right. The US Powerball lottery jackpot was also won last weekend, but still hasn’t been claimed yet.

Somewhere a ticket with the winning lottery numbers 12 29 30 33 61 and the PowerBall 26 is ready to make someone a millionaire. That beats the odds of 1 in 292 million. And if it can happen to that lottery player, why not you?

It’s normal for winners to take their time before claiming prizes. For some it’s the shock of winning that keeps them from taking action. Others take their time and first obtain financial advice before claiming the prize. A luxurious lifestyle awaits, but you must know how to get the most benefits out of your winnings. With huge differences between cash and annuity pay outs, it’s wise to plan - and lawyer up!

Past Wins

Can you believe these aren’t the biggest wins in history? The $450-Million MegaMillions jackpot is only the fourth largest jackpot for this lottery game. If you were the lucky winner of the biggest MegaMillions win in 2012, you would have walked away with $656-Million.

And no one will forget the $1.6-Billion US Powerball jackpot win in 2016. Even though it was split between three ticket holders, those lottery winners still walked away with huge smiles.

Yes, you counted correctly. The two wins that kicked off the 2018 lottery season tallies to over $1-Billion. And some of it could have been yours. Make sure you don’t miss out again. Be ready for the next jackpot. Thanks to 2017 game changes the MegaMillions jackpot kicked off again at $40-Million and has already rolled over to $45-Million.

Will 2018 be the year of your big wins?