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£13.5 million Lottery Win Won't Change Cornwall Grandfather's Humble Lifestyle

Mon 07 Dec 2015, By Henry 'Mystic' Maven
Grandfather wins lottery, keeps his life simple

How many times have we heard of lottery winners who have won millions and decided to change their lives by purchasing supercars, mega mansions and first-class trips across the world (for example)?

It's a tried and true story, a rags-to-riches tale we're practically bored of reading. Sometimes though the rules bend slightly and in this case, we've got the tale of 67-year old Peter Congdon who managed to scoop £13.5 million from the National UK Lottery and shockingly, decided to maintain his humble, retiree lifestyle. Read on!

Peter Congdon is a great-grandfather from sleepy Cornwall who used to be a funeral director, lives in a council house (a free home, paid for by the government), calls bingo numbers at a local nursing home and loves a good cup of tea. It all practically remained the same after Congdon won millions of pounds by matching six numbers in a quadruple rollover lottery draw.

Congdon did what most grandfathers would do after winning such a large amount of cash - he went on to treat his family with cars and houses. For instance, Congdon and his daughter went straight to a Land Rover dealership to purchase some pricey 4x4s. For one of his three children, he decided to snap up a £900 000 farmhouse and many of his relatives were treated to cars. Congdon plans to treat all of his kids with cars, saying "If it goes well I'll hopefully buy one for each of us. My other children won't be left out I'll treat them to new cars as well."

One of the biggest changes was setting up a treatment centre for those who suffer from multiple sclerosis as his wife, now deceased, died from the disease six years prior.

The only major "selfish" purchase was Congdon buying a car for himself, and purchasing his council home from the UK government. It's great to see that money can keep some humble.