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$435 Million Jackpot Won! Powerball ticket purchased in Indiana

Mon 27 Feb 2017, By Patty Reynolds
Powerball jackpot ticket purchased in Indiana

Exciting news awaits a Powerball player who purchased his or her ticket in Indiana. As of yet, the winning ticket has not been claimed, but it's expected that the winner will come forward soon to claim their massive prize.

This jackpot is the largest one within a period of approximately three months, as all previous jackpots over the last three months have been set at under $400 million.

This makes the current jackpot somewhat of a record, and the winner will enjoy a massive payout. So if Indiana is where you bought your Powerball ticket ahed of last week's Wednesday draw, check it now to see if you're the lucky winner of $435 million. If you are, your life just changed drastically!

If you're curious about what the Powerball lotto winning numbers were, here they are:

10-13-28-52-61 Powerball: 2

We'll all know sooner or later who the lucky winner is - lottery winners from Indiana are not allowed to remain anonymous. Still, it could be longer than you'd expect before the winner comes forward. In Indiana you get 180 days before your ticket expires, and any big jackpot winner would be wise to get some financial professionals on their side even before they go to claim their winnings.

Other US Powerball lottery winners

In addition to the jackpot being won, there was also one tier 2 winner of $2 million who matched five of the numbers. There were also four tier 3 winners of one million dollars, for players who managed to match four of the Powerball lucky numbers. The tier 2 winner was from New Jersey, while the other tier 3 winners were from Kansas, Massachusetts, Texas, and New York respectively.

The new US Powerball jackpot

Because of the win, the Powerball jackpot reverted back to its minimum of $40 million. This has already rolled over to $53 million and will continue to grow if no-one wins it again this Wednesday.

While it's more likely that the jackpot will slowly swell to another impressive jackpot amount over the next few months it's also not impossible that it will get won again in the next few draws. Despite the odds, every player knows that the jackpot could be won at any time - and this is why lottery fans continue to play the US Powerball. For someone, somewhere, it will pay off nicely.