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8 very expensive products a lottery winner could buy

Sun 20 Dec 2015, By Henry 'Mystic' Maven
8 expensive items only the richest can afford

Imagine being not just rich, but super wealthy. Super wealth is different from just being rich: a rich person can have a large portion of money, but someone who is super wealthy will have enough money, esteem and a legacy that continues long after they depart.

So what type of items would the super wealthy purchase? We've listed a few that would make even those with millions in their bank accounts think twice before snapping it up:

Crazy expensive mega-yachts

Not just any sort of yacht, mind you, but a yacht that could house three to four families on. We're talking about a mega yacht with gardens, helicopter landing pads, multiple jacuzzis and private restaurants. Yachts like these can cost up to a half a billion US-dollars and cost millions yearly to maintain.

Investment-grade artwork

Art, for the super wealthy, is seen as an investment. So when paintings plus sculptures can make it to the $200 million and over mark thanks to yearly appreciation of its value, it's hard to see how art cannot be a sound investment. Just recently, a newly discovered painting by Pablo Picasso was sold for a record breaking $179 million!

A single stamp

Any good philatelist (stamp collector) will tell you that the Swedish "Treskilling" yellow stamp is the most expensive in the world and at just over $2.3 million, it would certainly be the crown jewel in any collection.

Gold toilet paper

If there was ever a real way to truly flush money down the toilet, this is it. For just over $1 million, you can get your hands on a gold flake pressed roll of toilet paper. How comfortable this will be for your posterior though, is tough to tell.

An island to call home

For hundreds of millions of dollars, an island can be purchased that can only be accessed via helicopter or yacht. For a few extra million, one could even setup their own marina, security forces and private racing course to ensure that if a zombie outbreak happens, you'll be set (and happy) for life.

A really, really expensive car

Got $52 million to spend? Then you could become the owner of a 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO. While the car has been purchased, there is no doubt that it will soar in cost before it's sold on again. Those who have the bucks and prefer something a little more old-school could always purchase the first ever 1904 Rolls-Royce - a snip at $7.2 million.

A bathroom fit for an extremely pretentious king

Want something to pair that gold toilet paper with? In Hong Kong, a $3.5 million solid-gold bathroom has been constructed. It's not just gold though, but rubies, amber, sapphire and other precious materials cover this terrific space.

As many lottery tickets as you like!

This way, you can ensure that you'll strike it lucky - just purchase tens of thousands of EuroMillions, or Powerball tickets and one of them should pay out handsomely.