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8-year old kid scores luxury sports car in lottery draw

Sat 03 Oct 2015, By Dean Cromwell
Eight year old wins Bentley supercar

Becoming incredibly rich is most certainly not impossible. It takes a lot of hard work, careful investing or in some cases, pure luck.

For many of us, it takes years even decades to reach a milestone of success, such as a luxury sports car. For a little eight-year old boy though, his luxurious milestone arrived closer than he could have ever imagined.

Mohammad Khaled Sulaiman Alhindassi, an Emirati youth, was handed a set of keys to an incredible, extremely-expensive car, the Bentley GTV8 Coupé. His moment came when Emirates Islamic bank's Kunooz picked his savings account from a monthly raffle draw. Once per month, one extremely lucky banking client gets a free studio apartment, Dh1-million (roughly $272,500), or a luxury sports car. In this case, the young boy chose one of the world's best cars, namely the Bentley GTV8 Coupé.

This little kid is going to have to wait another ten years to drive his winning prize though, as the legal age of driving is 18 in the UAE. In the meanwhile, the bank has presented the car to his father for safekeeping. Quite frankly though if it was up to me, I would have kept the money and spread it out across a couple of lotteries using a Jackpot subscription. With the type of luck this youth is experiencing, he should assist his father in some lotto picks!