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A €153.8M jackpot is just the start of lottery joys

Mon 19 Jun 2017, By Lisa Bonnet
Another lucky euromillions winner

When the last ball of the lottery draw drops and you realize you are holding a jackpot-winning lottery ticket, a flood of emotions overwhelms you. This happened for one lucky EuroMillions jackpot winner this month. The feeling was so overwhelming in fact, that the winner didn't even come forward directly.

Typically the first feeling when seeing those lotto winning numbers is denial. The fact that a large amount of money just became yours, is almost too surreal to accept as reality. For the winner from Belgium who won the EuroMillions jackpot of nearly €154-million it must have felt too good to be true.

The Belgian citizen who won a very grand total of €153,873,716 is extremely lucky in winning such a large amount. It’s the eighth largest win ever to be recorded for the euromillions lottery. This is thanks to a total of 14 rollovers over the weeks leading up to the draw.

These rollovers built suspense for weekly ticket holders, but at last on Friday 2 June, the numbers 8-10-24-33-42 and lucky stars 3 and 9 brought the wait to an end. Many people watching the latest lotto results at the time would have wished it were them receiving that cheque. That’s why it’s important to purchase your lottery ticket for each and every upcoming draw. You never know when your lucky day will arrive.

Multiple other winners

The added value of the EuroMillions structure is that it benefits lottery ticket holders apart from the jackpot winner. In the same week that the jackpot was won, seven other lucky ticket holders each won € 290 732. A total of 23 people each won € 20 608. With prizes ranging from €4 to the €153.8-million jackpot, a total of 3.8 million people shared in the joys of EuroMillions winnings from only one draw. 

Can you see why it’s important and beneficial to make sure you’re part of the experience? It’s also important to use a lottery results checker or view the draw live. Stay up to date with the news so you don’t miss out on your EuroMillions winnings.

More winners across the world

If you want to try your luck across the lottery board, you can invest in some of the other exciting draws happening across the world, such as the American mega millions lottery. In the US MegaMillions games you can win even if you only picked one number correctly. This is how almost 1.5 million people won prizes in last Friday's draw.

With an inviting jackpot of $123-million currently up for grabs this Tuesday, you should consider making this part of your lottery experience.

With lottery ticket holders winning exceptional jackpots and so much possibility of winning, you must be dreaming of experiencing some winner’s euphoria. You can make this happen in a manner of ways, with any of the draws currently available on the lottery scene. Don’t simply hear about the lucky winners. Become one of them.