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A Jackpot as a Christmas Present

Mon 06 Dec 2021, By Lisa Bonnet
Christmas Jackpot

Snow has already fallen all over the Northern Hemisphere, while the summer is heating up down south. Whether sand or snow, this year it will definitely be a white Christmas for many.

What are your festive season plans? You'll probably do much more if your bank balance will allow it. So why not supplement your Christmas budget with a lottery win?

Of course you can opt for the ultimate Christmas games by joining the El Gordo Christmas raffle draw. There are many prizes to win from the €2.3-billion prize pool. If your Christmas wish comes true you can enjoy buying presents with the jackpot money!

But other jackpots are growing in size and they're worth taking a shot at. This week's EuroMillions SuperDraw jackpot could mean €143-Million for your Christmas shopping. Imagine how merry your holiday season would be. You could enjoy these Christmas traditions of the rich and famous.

You can use your jackpot money to travel and see extravagance on display around the world. Alternatively, why not make your own Christmas this elaborate?

Extravagant Decor

What changes outside when the holidays arrive? Aesthetics! Decorations are synonymous with Christmas and celebrities don't hold back. Professional decorators get hired to transform homes and properties. Exterior lights can change an ordinary house into a fairy like palace.

These are some of the most expensive decorations ever manufactured:

  • For your Christmas tree you can invest in decorations such as a jewel encrusted star worth £625 000.
  • Customized Christmas baubles valued at $130 000 each, encrusted with diamonds and rubies will make your tree the best in the neighborhood.
  • A wreath made from jewels and flowers, worth $4.6-Million, can decorate your door.

Some UK home owners pay up to £250 000 to have their homes showcase the joy of the season.

Indulge in Catering

The holiday season is all about the food too, right? Make sure your Christmas menus entertain all the senses by only eating the best. What about tartlets decorated as Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer? And guess what is used to represent his nose? A real ruby! Each tartlet will cost you £475.

Some chocolates - for yourself or as a gift to others - will cost you up to £1 000 if you purchase them from Delice Chocolates in Dubai. That's how the rich do it!

Only Give the Best

Even the rich love browsing for presents. But they don't have time to go to every store in the city. That's what high end Christmas markets are for. They take place in luxury venues. Each visitor has a net worth of at least $100-million. This is where you find jewel encrusted USB sticks worth £23 000 or diamond necklaces worth £2-million.

This week's US Powerball jackpot would have put you in this league, and it still could! No one had the winning numbers 10-40-45-56-67 and Powerball 2 last Saturday, so once again, it's a rollover! Do you have your ticket ready to win tonight's $280-million jackpot?

Wrap it Up

Your gifts will be appreciated even more when packaged correctly. Friends will appreciate the effort you put into making everything perfect. Why not use a personalized gift box with Swarovski crystal decorations? These boxes are priced from $1 000 upwards.

What are you going to splurge on this Festive Season? Make sure you treat yourself and the people around you to memorable moments. And with some extra cash you'll be able to do even more. Get that lottery ticket ready!