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A lottery jackpot can make an exotic luxury holiday a reality

Fri 12 May 2017, By Jerry Westford
A lottery jackpot can make a luxurious holiday a reality

The start of May marked the maiden voyage of a train that beats most hotels in terms of luxury and experience. The Seven Stars cruise train in Japan - also called Shiki-shima - offers passengers the ultimate holiday experience.

Enthusiastic travellers are so excited about taking a trip on this train that it’s already fully booked until March 2018!

You can make a booking later in 2018, but take note that costs range from $2 860 to $ 10 000 per ticket depending on the details of your journey. You can join a two day or a four day trip. Do you have your savings ready to cover your holiday in a hotel on tracks?

If your name is listed as one of the lottery winners in this week’s euromillions results you can easily plan this luxury holiday for you and your family. Tonight's EuroMillions jackpot of €90M would pad out your bank account very nicely.

You may wonder why this train is making the headlines before you book your tickets. After all, as a new millionaire you can pick from the world’s best holiday options. Here are a only a few features you’re missing out on:

Stunning interior


The moment you step onto the Shiki-shima train you’re surrounded by luxury. And even before you board the train, the beautifully decorated Kinsei Lounge greets all passengers as they check in before starting the journey. After your welcome you can discover the many restaurants and other rooms for relaxation, all decorated in a mix of Japanese and Western design.

Breathtaking views


The Shiki-shima travels from Tokyo to the island Hokkaido and makes certain stops along the way where passengers can get off to view tourist attractions. Along the route passengers are entertained by the beautiful scenery outside the train’s windows. You can make use of the observation car which offers you windows all around. You can take in the sights while the train travels at 70mph through gorgeous countryside.

Classy atmosphere


You need to take note of the dress code on the train. This is not a place for your usual home apparel. You may need to plan a shopping spree before you board this train. The dress code is smart casual and at dinner you need to don your collared shirt & jacket, or a one piece dress.

For the winner of April’s Mega Millions jackpot, a new wardrobe is easy to fund. The lucky winner took away $61M by picking the winning lotto numbers and is probably already booking his or her Shiki-shima train journey.

Five star restaurants


During your journey on this luxurious train you’ll enjoy meals prepared by some of the best chefs in the world, because only Michelin star chefs are employed. You’ll be served by butlers in full uniform while you sip a drink and enjoy the smooth ride.

Luxurious rooms


Your personal suite has its own unique interior design and is air conditioned. The creators went to a lot of trouble to make sure each guest feels important and pampered during the trip. There’s free Wi-Fi and a mini bar in each room. The staff tends to passengers’ whims at a moment’s notice.

Perhaps the final proof of how exclusive and luxurious the Shiki-shima train is, is that it only accommodates 34 people at a time. This means your every desire can easily be tended to during the journey and you’ll never have to compete for the best seat in the restaurant or viewing room. It will feel as if the whole train belongs to you alone. Purchase your lottery tickets today to be one step closer to making this trip a reality.