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A trio of the luckiest lottery winners ever

Thu 12 Nov 2015, By Jerry Westford
The 3 biggest lottery jackpot winners

Will you join the elusive winners circle and become part of the elite few who manage to strike it lucky with hundreds of millions of Euros?

It's all based on the chance, but if it happens to some people, it can happen to you too. With the EuroMillions currently rolling over once again, the jackpot is at a brilliant €91 Million!

On Friday 13, someone's numbers may be chosen... there have been some incredibly fortunate winners from the past lottery games, and today we discover who the past millionaires were. Next time, we could be including you in this overview!

$3 QuickPick MegaMillions ticket lands a US couple $218.6 million

Here's why playing the lottery is so appealing, because for a small investment (in this case, a $3 QuickPick ticket from the local corner shop) almost anyone can win big! A couple from Illinois won over $200 million in March 2012 when their MegaMillions lottery ticket matched the winning numbers. Merle and Patricia Butler said how they stayed up all night after they realized that they won the jackpot prize, just to see if anyone else would step forward to say that they too had matched the MegaMillions lottery numbers.

It turns out that there were others who won the ticket, namely an anonymous winner from Kansas and a 3-person syndicate who also decided to remain anonymous. Despite the Butlers opting to publicly accept the money (as the lottery rules for the state of Illinois demands it), they never revealed what they would spend it on, only saying how they would consult with their financial advisors in regards to what they should spend their winnings on.

Anonymous EuroMillions winners scores £35-million jackpot

Unlike the couple above, this EuroMillions jackpot prize winner decided to keep their name secret. On 25 September, one person won the £35-million jackpot and according to those who do know their identity "plans to spend the money as they please". It's also said that when the mystery person claimed their jackpot prize, that they became overjoyed and begun crying. We're sure that this is something that everyone would experience!

Lucky Suffolk couple gets record €190 million EuroMillions win

The single largest EuroMillions jackpot prize win of all time is held by Adrian and Gillian Bayford from the UK. The money utterly changed their lives, some of it for the worse. Adrian, who owned a record store, was now inundated by people coming in off the street asking him for money and the press wouldn't leave them be. The pressure became so much for the couple that shortly after winning this jackpot, the couple parted ways.

As one of the oldest sayings goes, money can't buy you happiness (but it can buy you a diamond coated coffee cup).