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Anonymous man wins £32.5 million after nine UK lottery rollovers

Mon 15 Feb 2016, By Patty Reynolds
Anonymous man wins £32.5 million after nine UK lottery rollovers

For an anonymous winner in the UK who truly enjoys playing lottery games, their luck has finally paid off this week with a £32.5 million cheque! And for the national UK lottery, they too are breathing a sigh of relief. Why so? Because this is the first lottery winner after an astonishing nine rollovers.

Earlier this month, the national UK lottery was raked over the coals by its customers, who were complaining that it was "impossible" to win the lottery as after more than two months, the highest payout was a mere £800.

It has everything to do with the fact that there has been well over 30 rollovers since October 2015 when the new lottery rules came into play. Ever since the odds jumped from 14-million to 45-million to one, people have turned to playing lottery online in the hopes of securing better odds with non-European lottery games.

The national UK lottery was quick to spin this good news their way.

"Lotto promises bigger winners and more millionaires and tonight, yet again, it has delivered. As well as the guaranteed Lotto Millionaire Raffle winner who has walked away with a £1million cheque, tonight has seen a single ticket-holder bank the massive £32.5m jackpot."
According to the lottery, there have been 85 new lottery millionaires since October 2015.
"The giant jackpot win follows the two £33m Lotto winners in January, one who remained anonymous and David & Carol Martin from Hawick. The UK also had a EuroMillions jackpot winner last night banking £24.7m."

The lottery advises everyone to keep checking their ticket as well as their online account to see if they've managed to win a "life-changing" sum of money. For charities, they too will benefit with a sum of £34 million being awarded to various institutions that fall under the National Lottery Good Causes banner.