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Hit the $73M Jackpot and Live Like Royalty

Mon 21 May 2018, By Patty Reynolds
A New Princess enjoying a Royal Lifestyle

They finally said "I do". Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are now officially married and instantly their titles changed to Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Yes, Meghan won the jackpot in marrying a prince.

But perhaps you'll consider winning a MegaMillions jackpot an even better lucky strike?

Let's leave the happy couple alone for now and talk about that guest list. Did you see all the celebrities piling into Windsor's St George's Chapel? Of course most people only go to weddings to talk about the bride's dress. Let's adjust our focus and recap some of the outfits that almost outshone the bride herself.

Celebrities Good Enough for a Royal Wedding

Long Live the Queen!

Many people were surprised with the queen's dress selection. Firstly Queen Elizabeth picked colors not ordinarily worn together. Luckily the light green and bright purple worked perfectly.

But underneath her jacket one saw a dress with colourful detail on. This is unusual too since she usually sticks to monochrome designs. Could this be her way of showing how excited she is about her grandson's marriage?

And have you ever wondered about who dresses the queen? Firstly there is Angela Kelly. She's the queen's personal wardrobe advisor. Of course the queen wears designer clothing. The wedding outfit was made by Stewart Parvin, who often makes outfits for her.

However the queen also purchases items from ordinary stores such as waterproofs from Burberry. Coats to wear around the house (castle) she purchases from Barbour. Many of the shops she uses carry the Royal Warrant which is an extremely high honour.

Amal Clooney

It almost seems as if George Clooney's wife is becoming more famous than he is. Everyone gushed about her bright yellow dress. However, no one can find any fault with it. And she looks amazing after having twins recently.

Amal chose to wear Stella McCartney. Since the wedding thousands of people have gone online to find this item. This week it's the most researched item seen worn at the wedding.

The American Friends

From across the waters came many of Meghan's close friends. They definitely gave the Brits a run for their money in the fashion department:

  • Prianka Chopra wore a lilac Vivienne Westwood dress
  • The actor playing Harvey Specter in Suits, Gabriel Macht looked impressive in his suit
  • Sarah Rafferty took sleeves to a whole new level in her stunner of a navy dress

Some people may think the Americans' style didn't fit the dress code. But with an English prince marrying an American actress, nothing about this wedding is ordinary, right?

Which of these outfits do you wish you could wear? When your jackpot win boosts you onto a few A-list party guest lists you can pick any dress or suit you want.

While there are very few eligible princes and princesses left to marry at the moment, you can win the royal lifestyle that goes with a $73M jackpot if you pick the right numbers. If you had the winning lottery numbers 16-17-21-36-48-9 this week, you could already be enjoying the same lifestyle as the wedding's famous guests do.

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