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Are You on the Road to Luxury in 2019?

Wed 09 Jan 2019, By Lisa Bonnet
What is around the corner in 2019?

2018 was an epic year for lotteries, but this year could be even more exciting. You never know what's around the corner - what will you do if you win a jackpot in 2019?

What was your favorite lottery story last year? Most people will probably talk about the $1.5-Billion MegaMillions draw back in October.

The prize has yet to be claimed, and we still don't know who won, but there were plenty of other millionaires made in 2018. And not just by the Powerball and MegaMillions, but also European lottery games like the EuroMillions or the SuperEnaLotto. And let's not forget all the lucky Australian lottery winners too!

Could your riches be waiting for you just around the corner too?

We compiled a list of interesting ways people attained their lives of luxury. Will your name be listed on here some day?

Peculiar Ways of Getting Rich

If these people could strike it rich with their unique hobbies, there’s every chance of you winning your fortune with a MegaMillions win. Are you going to try?


The young generation makes the most of social media platforms. YouTube is just one area they can earn money selling something or become so popular people pay them for advertising on their profiles:

  • PewDiePie made $15M in 2016 by playing video games.
  • DanTDM plays the game Minecraft, records his games and posts the videos online. He also posts game reviews. This hobby brought him 14.4 million subscribers and a lot of money.
  • Dude Perfect is a group of guys who love doing stunts. They record them, show them to the world and now they’re rich.

Technology enables us to do so much more. It also empowers you to play your favorite lotto games online!

Virtual Real Estate

We mentioned this above too. You can make millions by charging people to advertise products on your online game, website or blog. If your virtual real estate is popular enough it becomes invaluable. Businesses want to showcase their companies to a wide audience. These days everyone browses online, so what better place to market than the internet?


Another popular tech platform that can make you rich is an app. Advertise on popular mobile applications or create your own. People will pay for simple features. You don’t believe this? The Arbel app simply says ‘Yo’ to people who download the app. This one feature made the creator $1M.


You want a stress free life and what better than a pet you don’t even have to feed. Gary Dahl started selling pet rocks to people and made over $1M.

The Koosh ball—a ball made from rubber strings—made its designer, Scott Stillinger, his fortune. People loved it because it was soft and safe to use with small children. Scott simply saw an opportunity and took it.

Can you see there’s no end to the possibilities of ways to become rich and famous? These individuals simply did something the rest didn’t: They clung to their ideas and kept going. You never know when luck will strike. And yours can strike soon as well.

The holidays may be over for most of us, but if you hit a lottery jackpot they don't have to end for you. Make sure you have your winning lotto numbers ready for the next big draw. Perhaps you get a belated Christmas present. Don’t miss out on what could have been - your future is in your hands!