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Are lottery winners really luckier than the rest of us?

Fri 30 Sep 2016, By Patty Reynolds
Are lottery winners really luckier than the rest of us?

The odds of winning a lottery jackpot seem insurmountable, but that doesn’t stop millions of people all around the world from trying their luck every week. Even people who have won a lottery jackpot keep playing. Does the fact that they’ve already won give them better odds of picking the winning numbers a second time?

Last year, David and Kathleen Long won £1 000 000 on the EuroMillions lottery for the second time. The win came 20 months after they’d won the same amount in 2013.

After their first win they decided against moving out of their bungalow to buy David’s mother a new home instead. Now they’re ready to make the move into a bigger home of their own and take a cruise.

That kind of money can be life-changing, but it didn’t change their lottery playing habits. They continued to buy tickets because David believed that they would win again. Perhaps positive thinking really is the key to winning the lottery. But there seem to be some other traits that these lucky lottery winners have.

You may have heard it said that you make your own luck. And there could be some proof to back this up. In general, people who consider themselves lucky tend to be more relaxed and open to new things. They embrace change and aren’t afraid to try something different. How you can you apply this to the lottery? Well, if you only play the American lottery online you might consider trying a Spanish or Euro Lottery game instead. Why not buy EuroMillions online and see what happens? You could end up with £1 000 000 prize like David and Kathleen did.

Lucky people also trust their instincts. They listen to their gut and don’t over-analyse everything. This could come in useful when picking your numbers for the next US Powerball draw. Instead of spending ages agonising over your numbers, pick a combination that feels good to you. Seven time lottery winner Richard Lustig stresses the importance of playing with a set of numbers that you’re comfortable with. He details how to find your lucky numbers in a book he wrote.

Confidence may be the key you need to get that jackpot. It’s not surprising that lucky people are confident that things will work out in their favour. David Long was confident that he would win the lottery a second time and it happened. If you don’t believe that you have a chance of winning the lottery, all that negative thinking could make it come true. And instead of looking forward to the results, you dread the news that you haven’t won the lottery again.

Playing consistently is another tip from seven time lottery winner Richard Lustig. You improve your chances of winning if you enter every draw. That’s because lucky people are resilient and don’t give up easily, even when things aren’t going their way. Now you should never spend money on lottery tickets that you can’t afford to lose, but you should try to play as often as you can. So set up a subscription and get your Powerball tickets online every week without fail.

These are tips that you can start using right now to improve your luck. You don’t have to learn a complicated algorithm to pick the winning numbers. You simply have to adopt a new attitude. Because if you really believe that you don’t stand a chance at winning the lottery, than you’re wasting your money. Be positive about the outcome, try out new games and you’ll see the difference.

Nobody is born lucky or unlucky; it’s simply a case of making the best of a situation. But if you really want to improve your chances of winning a prize, you could try playing the lottery as part of a syndicate. This is where a group of people play the lottery together and share the cost of tickets. Being able to buy more than one ticket for the lottery automatically increases your chances of winning.