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Being the Beckhams

Tue 11 Jul 2017, By Lisa Bonnet
Being the Beckhams

The Fourth of July marked Independence Day for Americans, but it was also the anniversary of the marriage between the Beckhams, David and Victoria. This couple struck gold in many ways. They’re successful in their chosen industries, but also built a happy family.

It almost sounds too good to be true, but Posh and Becks have been going for 18 years, and counting...

The Beckhams’ combined fortune already reaches £500-Million. The winner of the recent EuroMillions Superdraw accumulated instant riches when the British citizen won the enormous amount of €100-Million. At just over £88-Million this doesn’t quite match the supercouple's riches just yet, but if the winner uses it correctly, it can one day. 

Victoria made a name for herself as part of the Spice Girls and David became famous on the soccer field. Their marriage brings together two different but complimentary worlds, entertainment and sports, and it seems the combination works well. For the EuroMillions winner, the number combination 17-35-39-47-50 and Lucky Stars 6-8 did the trick. Let’s take a look at some other noteworthy Beckham victories.

David’s career

David’s success is thanks to amazing talent and hard work on the soccer field for Manchester United and other teams. During his career he was captain of the English team 59 times. He also set up a few records over the years. Apart from this he became a style icon and model, which earned him even more money. His tattoos—he has 40—are another of his features that make him an icon and even a legend.

He invests his riches to benefit others, doing a lot of charitable work. He represents UNICEF, hosts sports clinics for underprivileged children and funds Malaria research. If your lottery ticket for the upcoming US mega millions lottery jackpot of $202-Million makes you an instant millionaire, imagine what you can do with the winnings.

Victoria’s career

Victoria has many claims to fame today, as she didn’t only use her vocal skills to get rich. She is the owner of a fashion label and have modelled clothing lines herself. She also dabbles in the media. Her existing fortune makes these ventures easier, but she definitely aims to use all her talents.

Firstly she starred in a few reality shows that showcased the Beckhams’ lifestyle. Secondly Victoria made documentaries and then wrote books. All of this made her more famous, but also made her the 52nd richest woman in Britain.

Their family

The Beckhams pride themselves in building a healthy home-life for their four children. They try and give them an ordinary life, but admittedly these children’s lives will always be more extravagant than most kids their age.

The children’s godparents are simply proof of the fairy tale life the children lead. Elizabeth Hurley and Elton John are only some of the godparents that spoil these very privileged children. If you want to be able to spoil those around you, make sure your lottery ticket is ready to win you this week’s jackpots.

When your talent helps you to accumulate a fortune, it must seem like a dream come true. For Victoria and David, this dream-like life is a reality and they manage to keep succeeding, instead of it turning into a nightmare. If you want to start living a dream, winning lottery numbers may be what you’re waiting for, so get your lottery ticket today.