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Beyond coincidence! – Father wins lotto jackpot for second time

Wed 18 May 2016, By Patty Reynolds
Father wins lottery jackpot a second time

Whoever said the chance of winning the lottery is impossible obviously needs a long talk with Bruce Magistro. This father of three children has struck gold for the second time—the two wins being approximately four years apart.

The latest win was from a scratch-off lottery ticket, revealing the much coveted three life symbols synonymous with a $1 million win.

His first win was through the Extreme Cash game—also a scratch-off—which has since been done away with. The jackpot win was the same amount as his latest, which is $1 million. The Lindenhurst carpenter remembers exactly what he thought when he saw that third life symbol appearing: “This is impossible!”

Bruce’s story is an interesting one. After his first win in 2012, his wife became critically ill. Most of his winnings went towards her care. Sadly, she died approximately two years later leaving Bruce a single father of three. Despite his big win, the bills started to take their toll on the family.

At Bruce’s last event, New York Lottery hostess Yolanda Vega told him that there was always a chance he could win a second time. Taking this statement seriously, Bruce kept playing. Sure enough, the second win occurred. By this time, Bruce has gotten engaged. He and his fiancé will now have the choice between taking a lump sum of $800 000, or having 20 annual installments paid to them; followed by additional annual payments for life thereafter.

When asked what he will be spending his winnings on, Bruce replied that he would be enjoying it with family and friends—and of course his new fiancé.