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Breast cancer patient wins lottery for second time

Mon 23 May 2016, By Patty Reynolds
Second chance for lottery winner with breast cancer

This happens more often than the sceptics would like to admit. Once again, a lottery winner has won for a second time. Having the boldness to keep playing after a win is admirable, and in this case, it paid off.

Gina Short is a breast cancer patient who won a $1 million Ultimate Millions jackpot earlier in February this year. To everyone’s amazement, she’s now landed a second win of $250 000! Her comments are shared by many, “We’re still in disbelief mode...”

Short’s battle with breast cancer began six years ago. Chemotherapy treatment has taken it’s toll on her health as well as her bank account. When she snagged her first win of $1 million, she promised that much of the money would go to helping her battle for her life. “That’s what my whole life is about, second chances.” She said in an interview after her first win.

Well, try third chances now! Only three months later, another win of $250 000 will become the cherry on top of this brave lady’s life. A $2 quick pick was to thank for her recent win. Short purchased the ticket from her local pharmacy in Mecklenburg County.

Post tax winnings of the first amount were $415 500. This time around, Short walked away with $173 125. Both amounts have promised to be life changing for her. One hopes that a lady like this will win the money for a cause that is near to many of our hearts. Battling cancer is a difficult fight, and the money Short has won will come in handy while she undergoes treatment.