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Canadian Dozen Wins $60-Million LottoMax Jackpot

Sun 04 Oct 2015, By Jerry Westford
12 People Won $60-million with the Canadian Lottery

Instead of slaving away everyday over a hot stove as you wait for your husband to come home, imagine winning a share of over $60-million and hiring a chef to do it for you...

For a lottery syndicate of 12 workers from Ontario, Canada that dream became an instant reality earlier this week when they won their share of the biggest ever LottoMax jackpot.

It was a syndicate purchase, which is a pretty nifty way of securing a big fat win with less risk. The manager of the lottery syndicate, Dennis Cartier, knew about this enormous win a full two days before the rest of the lottery syndicate did. He picked up the winning numbers along with a burrito for lunch a day after the draw results were released and couldn't believe his eyes when he saw that every single number matched the lotto ticket.

"I wanted to stay calm, eat my burrito and check the numbers again online. Every single number matched up, so I went back to where I bought the ticket and that's when it all became very real."

These were Cartier's exact words and of course, after that he had already quit his desk job in his mind. Come Monday, when he was finally able to tell the rest of his friends in the lottery syndicate, the co-workers practically exploded with joy.

You can see the video of the lottery syndicate winning the lottery below, please note that there is light profanity, and the possibility of a chair being thrown out of a window because of sheer happiness.

Surprisingly, no one out of these 12 lucky winners has said that they will be leaving their current job, where they work in vehicle valuation business. That quite frankly, is crazy, and given half the chance I would quit any mind-numbing job! The ecstatic lottery syndicate member's plans now include buying sports cars and travelling.

The lottery syndicate will be splitting the jackpot evenly, which works out to exactly $5-million per player. Oddly enough, the syndicate said that they've never won more than $90 collectively before this. With no early retirement for any of the lottery syndicate members, I hope that they will at least purchase something outlandish to celebrate this cool win. I know I would!