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Christmas comes early for lucky US Powerball and EuroMillions winners

Thu 01 Dec 2016, By Patty Reynolds
Christmas comes early for lucky Powerball and EuroMillions winners

It’s been an amazing time for fans of the US Powerball and EuroMillions this past weekend. It all started on Friday 25 November when two lucky winners from France shared a €61 141 778 EuroMillions jackpot. The next day, on Saturday 26 November, one lucky Powerball winner scooped the $420 900 000 Powerball jackpot that had been rolling over since 21 September.

No doubt those winners will be doing some serious Christmas shopping this year.

Now the jackpots have been reset and we’ll have to wait and see if any more players will be big winners before the year is out. This could be the perfect time for you to get your tickets if you’ve got a wish list as long as your arm. Both the US Powerball and EuroMillions offer some of the biggest starting jackpots of any lottery you can play online. The Powerball starts at $40 000 000 and the EuroMillions starts at €17 000 000.

However, since the format of both games has been tweaked to result in bigger jackpots less often, you may have to wait until the New Year to get the prize you’ve been dreaming of. When you consider how little a lottery ticket costs, it’s not a bad investment. And the good news is that both these lotteries are open to players around the world.

With the services of a legitimate online lottery ticket agent, you can buy official Powerball and EuroMillions lottery tickets online from the comfort of your home. Unlike any other Christmas shopping you may have to do, you don’t need to battle the crowds to get your hands a ticket for the next draw. If you already buy your Christmas presents online, you’ll have no trouble finding your way around an online lottery ticket website.

It’s no different to buying anything else online. All you need to do is create an account with the online lottery ticket website, select the lotteries you want to play and fill in your playslip. To play Powerball online you need to pick five main numbers from 1-69 and one Powerball number from 1-26. The EuroMillions is different because you need to pick five main numbers from 1-50 and two Lucky Star numbers from 1-12. If you’re having a little trouble picking your own lucky lotto numbers, you can use the Quick Pick option and let the random number generator complete your playslip for you.

Both lotteries have two draws every week. US Powerball draws take place every Wednesday and Saturday while draws for the EuroMillions are held on Tuesdays and Fridays. You could set up a lottery subscription to ensure that you don’t miss any of the draws and increase your chances of winning a prize before the New Year rolls round.

Much like online shopping has taken the hassle out of buying your Christmas goodies, so have online lottery agents made it easier to keep up with the lottery results. You don’t need to worry about checking your tickets after every draw. The agent will keep your official, physical lottery tickets safe and check all the numbers once the draw results have been verified. If you’re a winner, they’ll send you a confirmation email with all the details.

You won’t even have to leave the house to claim your prize. Smaller prizes are claimed on your behalf by the lottery agent and deposited into your account with them almost instantly. That way you have the option of withdrawing your winnings to your private bank account, or using them to buy tickets for the next draw. You may have to claim larger prizes in person from the lottery operator, but the good news for foreign players is that the online lottery agent will help you make the necessary travel arrangements.

If only everything was as easy as buying lottery tickets online. The only hard part about it all is deciding what to do with your jackpot. Now the US Powerball jackpot isn’t capped which means it will keep rolling over until it’s won. But if you play EuroMillions online, you’ll find that the jackpot will only roll over until it reaches a maximum total of €190 000 000. It remains at this amount for none more draw, and if there still isn’t a winner, the prize is rolled down and shared amongst the winners in the next prize division. You could still be the biggest EuroMillions winner even if you only manage to match five main numbers and one Lucky Star number.

It’s easy to get swept up in the thrill of playing for a big jackpot, but don’t forget the real reason why so many people love to play the lottos. Playing the lottery is supposed to be fun, so consider your lottery ticket a license to dream your biggest dreams. In fact, it could be fun to stick a lottery ticket in everyone’s stocking this year and give them a shot at that jackpot.