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Double dip scratchcard winner scores $10 million!

Wed 09 Dec 2015, By Henry 'Mystic' Maven
Californian lottery scratchcard winner gets $10 million prize

Rodney Meadows won, and then he won again beyond all of his expectations. Early on a sunny Monday morning in California, Rodney Meadows was running his usual errands. Among his tasks, Meadows decided to treat himself with $30 lottery scratcher tickets.

Meadows eagerly scratched away at his first ticket and unbelievably, he'd won $1000. That's a brilliant stroke of luck. Meadows then decided to test his lucky streak and purchased a further three scratch cards. As he scratched away on his third lottery card, Meadows fell silent as the final card revealed a $10 million win. He couldn't believe what had happened.

Meadows was overwhelmed and had this to say: "First off, I could not believe it. I had to ask the clerk at the store, and he said: 'You better check it again at the machine.'" A spokesperson for the official Californian said how unlikely it is for anyone to win a pair of prizes (and for your information, you're more likely to die while on your way to playing the lottery, then it is to win a lottery game as the odds are 1-in-3 million). The last winner of the Californian Lottery happened in 2002, where a couple won $126 000 and no more then an hour later, won over $17 million with the SuperLotto Plus.

Just an aside: the store Meadows purchased the scratch card tickets from was known as a "hot" store and was actually voted as a Lucky Retailer by the Californian lottery. This $10 million win is the largest the store, a Fast Mart, has ever seen and the store itself will receive a $50 000 reward for actually selling the ticket.

Meadows was an avid scratch card player, until he won the millions that is, purchasing a scratch card every day of the week but his highest win was a mere $1000 a few years prior. With all his millions, Meadows can now buy all the scratch cards his heart desires.