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EuroMillions Superdraw hits €100 million this coming November!

Fri 09 Oct 2015, By Jerry Westford
EuroMillions Superdraw is €100-million in November

Great gadgets are usually the perfect mix of fun and functionality. In the process the user’s lifestyle can be transformed. If you win the $173-Million US Powerball jackpot this week, all the gadgets you dream of could be yours.

With lottery winnings in your bank account you can’t settle for any old technological device. Pick the ones that represent that definitive luxurious lifestyle.

We've gathered a few suggestions to help you enjoy your winnings.

A Private Submarine


Don’t limit yourself to simply purchasing a yacht. This is an ordinary choice for a millionaire. Because of the latest US Powerball lottery rollover, you can win a $173-Million jackpot this weekend. This fortune should be spent on the best sea vessel on the market. A private submarine.

How exhilarating it will be to see marine animals in their natural habitats. You won’t need fish tanks or crowded aquariums anymore.

The private submarine can be piloted with minimal training and you don’t even need a license. It submerges as deep as 400ft below the surface of the water. You can explore deep and mysterious underwater places because the submarine’s Lithium battery lasts five to eight hours.

It seats two people so you and a friend can immerse yourself in the ocean for a mere $1.5 million, totally affordable if you win the next US Powerball lotto draw.

All Terrain Vehicles


If you love adrenaline sports get yourself an all terrain vehicle. The Quadski XL amphibious vehicle enables you to drive on land and water. If you get too hot driving in the sun simply head straight into water—such as the ocean or a river—to cool off. The Quadski XL is a four wheeler that transforms into a watercraft in less than five seconds.

The $50 000 vehicle reaches a top speed of 45mph on any terrain. You and your friends can have fun racing on both land and water.

One Person Drone


If you’re a Euromillions lottery jackpot winner who has decided to keep the day job, you shouldn't have to face traffic or walk to the office if you don't want to. Travel to work in a one person drone. Years ago we all thought cars would fly in the future. If you purchase this drone for $300 000 you can make this dream a reality.

The autonomous drone is 5ft tall and weighs 440lb. It carries one person for 23 minutes and reaches a top speed of 62mph. This is a perfect way for a millionaire to travel.

The Tango T600


If you're afraid of heights rather opt for the Tango T600 to commute. It’s a car made to carry one person and has a price tag of $240 000.

The car is 39 inches wide and 101 inches long. You can zip through traffic because this small electric vehicle will fit through the gaps between other cars. The car is small but you’ll be impressed with its speed of 60mph that it reaches in 3.2 seconds.

Tipron Robots


Movie enthusiasts will enjoy the Tipron Robots. They turn any room in your house into a movie theater. The robots project what you want to watch onto the wall. You can watch movies, browse through YouTube, stream Netflix or even keep an eye on your social media feeds.

You control the Tipron Robot with your Smartphone. You can save all your rooms’ locations onto its memory. Instead of you fetching the robot it’ll come to you while you sit comfortably. With these robots—available at $2000 each—you can enjoy the ultimate lavish lifestyle.

Life is too short. Make sure you reach your dreams. Joining the select club of lottery winners would allow you to have these gadgets in your life. Prepare for this week’s jackpot draw by purchasing your lottery ticket in time. It’s the key to a technologically advanced lifestyle.