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EuroMillions Superdraw reaches €111 million

Mon 09 Nov 2015, By Henry 'Mystic' Maven
Euromillions Superdraw rollover to pay out €111 million

It's a Rollover!!!

Are you ready to experience an enormous jackpot win this Tuesday 10th? Yes, the EuroMillions Superdraw jackpot has rolled over again and this time, over €111 million in jackpot prizes is coming your way! No one has yet to win the incredible amount of money. Maybe you're next for the jackpot win?

Last Friday's EuroMillions draw had over 54 million entries as ticket holders all over Europe competed for the (then) €100 million grand jackpot prize. No one managed to match all the numbers for the jackpot, but many won smaller prizes: eight players won over €327 000, fifteen won €58 000 while over four million players all got a modest €4.

Most of the winners came from the UK, where a combined 994 000 players won £6.4 million in prizes. France had over 876 000 players sharing €6.3 million while Spain's 720 000 lottery ticket holder shared in prizes valuing €5.7 million in total.

So this is it, imagine what you can win this Tuesday 10th? With all those wonderful millions in your account, you'll be able to have a very merry Christmas indeed. So get your EuroMillions tickets now and get one step closer to that immense jackpot prize.