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EuroMillions winner makes unexpected donation to Eccentric Party

Mon 05 Sep 2016, By Dean Cromwell
EuroMillions winner makes unexpected donation to Eccentric Party

Unlike the lottery, to win in politics you need a lot of money. Campaigning isn’t cheap and successful politicians need to promote themselves. That’s why EuroMillions winner, Adrian Bayford has stepped in to support the Eccentric party of Great Britain.

Adrian has generously donated an old ten pound shilling note and a box of Typhoo Teabags. We’re not sure how far they’ll get with that, but it’s a start.

Adrian is also allowing the party to use his music and memorabilia shop, Black Barn Records in Cambridge, as party headquarters. Adrian is fed-up with mainstream political parties and is happy to officially endorse the Eccentric Party as he believes they are the most honest option available to voters.

After a rift with the Official Monster Raving Loony Party 18 months ago, Lord Toby Jug set up the Eccentric Party. Lord Toby is a musician from St Ives in Cambridgeshire and he is thrilled that the party has found a sponsor in Adrian. It’s possible that the EuroMillions winner was drawn to the party because of a mutual love of music.

Adrian was married at the time he and his wife Gillian won the EuroMillions jackpot in August 2012.  They became the first ticket holders to win the EuroMillions jackpot Cap of €190 million. But just 15 months after the lottery results proclaimed them the winners, the couple divorced.

It was a scandalous affair as Gillian was forced to deny that she was having an affair with couple’s gardener, Chris Tovey. In fact, Chris tried to sue Adrian for running him over on the grounds of the mansion he and Gillian had bought shortly after their windfall. Since then, Adrian has gone on to remarry a former horse groomer, Samantha Burbidge. They live in a £6 million country mansion that Adrian bought with his winnings.

Adrian was always a passionate music lover which prompted him to open up a music shop in Cambridge. Something which may seem irrelevant in today’s digital world. But the shop carries a wide range of interesting memorabilia that you’re unlikely to find online. Some of the more fascinating pieces include Lady Gaga’s shoes and a £3,000 guitar signed by Guns N’ Roses.

It’s always nice when lottery winners go on to pursue their passions. What dream would you follow if you won the Powerball lottery? Adrian’s ex-wife also went on to start a business, a tea room called Sugar and Spice near Arborath. But she hasn’t been as successful as her former husband. Her staff was informed in a telephone call that the shop was closing down and they were not entitled to more than a £100 payoff. That just goes to show that winning millions from a EuroJackpot or Mega Millions lottery game is no guarantee of your future happiness. It’s clear that your attitude is a better indicator of success than anything else.

Politics and the lottery don’t really go together, but it’s not unusual for politicians to take a chance on a big jackpot. Hilary Clinton couldn’t resist buying a ticket for the Powerball when it reached its record-breaking $1.6 billion jackpot earlier this year. Even though she didn’t win the jackpot, there’s no doubt the money would have gone straight to her campaign.

Of course one could debate the ethics of politicians trying to pick the winning lotto numbers. But there’s nothing to stop the rest of us buying Powerball tickets online. So, if you have political aspirations, perhaps you should try playing the lotto online?

If the Powerball results are in your favour, there’s nothing to stop you from starting up a political party with crazy name and a ridiculous manifesto. Given the current state of American politics, you should get plenty of support even without spending every last penny of jackpot on a campaign. You can even play the Powerball online from any country in the world and use your windfall to change the face of the politics.

But how many of those that play the lottery would really want to get mixed up in the crazy world of politics. Adrian Brayford might be a EuroMillions millionaire, but he’s clearly not crazy enough to get involved with a serious politicians. You’d be better off spending your jackpot on charitable causes if you really want to make the world a better place. That’s something that many lottery winners have gone on to do and it brings them a great deal of happiness.

So while you’re picking the lotto numbers for your next EuroMillions ticket, take a moment to think about your politicians. If you won the jackpot, would you donate some of your fortune to apolitical party, or start your own? Or would rather play the lotto online and hope you win enough for a long holiday, far away from the madness of politics?