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Five New Year's Resolutions that can Bring You the Jackpot

Tue 31 Dec 2019, By Henry 'Mystic' Maven
Have A Lucky 2020

Are you ready for 2020? 2019's many lottery winners prove how easy it is to make your dreams come true. Many lottery ticket holders are enjoying a luxurious start to the New Year. Will you be one of the lucky ones picking winning lottery numbers in 2020?

Perhaps the few tips below can help you.

Forget about New Year's resolutions to get you fit. What about new lottery habits that can get you rich? These tips have helped others win big. You'll only know if they work if you try.

Don't try everything at once. Make it easy on yourself. Add one of these each month to your strategy on how to win the lottery. By the middle of the year you'll be a pro.

1. Stick to Your Beliefs

For some people repetition works. Are you one of them?

Perhaps you love playing your numbers from your birth date or an anniversary date. Don't give up. Lottery history is filled with people who won large prizes by continually playing the same numbers.

And yes, you can even win more than once with the same numbers.

2. Don't Ever Give Up

Your chances of winning increases the more you play. This is especially true if you use the same lucky numbers each time. Statistics tell you that eventually all numbers will be drawn.

3. Try Something New

You have to keep the games interesting, right? That's why we advise you to try something new once in a while. The next time you see a new game being launched, why not play?

Don't fall into a rut with anything in life. A change is as good as a holiday! And as a jackpot winner you can upgrade your next holiday plans.

4. Listen to Advice

I know you don't want people interfering with your strategy. But what if advice is the key to lotto winning numbers?

  • Once there were 110 people who won Powerball prizes by playing numbers they found in their fortune cookies that week. What if they ignored those slips of paper?
  • Certain games have hot and cold numbers. Hot numbers are drawn significantly more than cold numbers. Using them is a sure way to increase your odds of winning.

Both statistics and chance can help you win. Which method do you trust more?

5. Listen to Your Gut

Do you have an inner voice?

One Australian man's inner voice gave him winning lottery numbers in his sleep! He played them consistently and in the end won a lottery jackpot. This man was smart but also persistent. He believed so much in himself that he stuck with the same numbers for years, and his self-belief and persistence paid off.

Do you trust yourself enough to play the numbers you believe will bring you luck?

These stories prove there's no single way to win the lottery. It's about improving your chances by trying as many ways possible. Eventually you'll be one of the lottery winners. Are you ready for 2020 now? It could be the best year of your life.