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Great grandmother wins EuroMillions while on holiday

Wed 22 Jun 2016, By Patty Reynolds
Great grandmother wins EuroMillions while on holiday

There are stories about lottery winners that make you smile and warm your heart, and then there’s this one. Diana de Gilio, a great grandmother from New Zealand won the EuroMillions Mega Friday Cash Prize while on holiday in the UK.

The prize includes £1 million pounds and a trip to Bali and Lombok in Indonesia. What makes this win even sweeter is that it’s just in time for her 70th birthday.

Diana was visiting friends in the UK as part of her birthday celebrations when it happened. She purchased the winning EuroMillions ticket when she popped into a shop to claim the £10 pounds she’d won on a few scratch cards. The next day she returned to check her tickets and the clerk behind the counter advised her to get in touch with Camelot.

Her friends and family are delighted at her win and believe it couldn’t have happened to a nicer person. Diana is a retired carer and in 2001 she sold all her possessions to buy a campervan and tour her native country of New Zealand. She’s quite the adrenalin junkie too. Last year for her 69th birthday she base-jumped from New Zealand’s Sky Tower! For her 70th birthday she was planning a wing-walk. The only reason she couldn’t do it was because she didn’t have the correct medical certificate.

Now Diana has a fabulous holiday in Indonesia to look forward to. She’s already decided to take her friend Sandy Marsden with her. The two met during a tour of China and became close friends. Diana was visiting Sandy in Norwich in the UK when she won the jackpot. Sandy describes Diana as being down to earth but someone who loves adventure. The two are sure to have a wonderful time together on the trip that Diana won.

Diana also has some idea of what she’ll be spending her winnings on back home. She’ll be helping out her family with a new house, new car, new glasses and new teeth! Then she’ll be heading back to the UK to meet up with Sandy before they depart for Indonesia. It’s no surprise that Diana has friends all over the world and she’s added trips to Patagonia and Canada to her itinerary.

It’s always nice to hear about someone winning a lottery that truly deserves it. Diana certainly falls within this category. It seems like she will be putting her winnings to good use too. Not only will she be able to help her family out, she’s also using it to visit friends all over the world.

A surprise win like Diana’s just reinforces the fact that you never know when your life could change thanks to a lottery jackpot. That’s why it pays to play every draw. Although Diana was already living the kind of life that any one of us would be envious of, she’s thrilled to won. She’s already stated that this will make her life much easier. It has given her the opportunity to travel wherever and whenever she wants.

Diana’s story highlights the fact that you don’t always have to win a big jackpot to hit the big time. Many lotteries, such the EuroMillions offer different prize tiers. And sometime winning the second or third prize division is still enough to change your life. If you invest the money or spend it wisely you can grow it. Or use for overseas travel which is a life-changing experience in itself.

It also proves that anyone can win! You don’t have to be someone special to pick the winning numbers. But playing regularly can go a long way to increasing your chances of eventually striking it lucky. Which is why playing the lottery online is such a good idea. It gives you the option to purchase a subscription to your favourite lotteries. And you have access to international lotteries.

Although Diana is from New Zealand, she had no trouble entering the EuroMillions draw or taking home the prize money. If you don’t live in the country where a particular lottery is operated, you can still play the lottery online.

Diana is pretty adventurous so it’s no surprise that she’s willing to take a gamble on a lottery ticket. And it certainly seems to have paid off. Now she’ll be able to take on even more adventures with her win. Even at the age of seventy she hasn’t settled down and is open to experiencing new things. That already makes her very lucky and we could all learn from her example. So, has Diana’s story convinced you to try your luck? Then don’t hesitate! Get your EuroMillions tickets now and you never know when you could be going on your own adventure.