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How $393-Million Buys a New Life

Thu 17 Aug 2017, By Dean Cromwell
Luxury Living

Could you feel the tension rising? The MegaMillions jackpot wasn’t claimed for months. Then out of the blue last week an Illinois resident got the MegaMillions numbers right. The winning ticket was sold at a barbecue restaurant in suburban Chicago.

Imagine the feeling of winning $393-Million!

The MegaMillions winning has not yet been claimed. Someone is probably still staring at their ticket in disbelief after seeing the latest lotto results. The jackpot of $393-Million is the biggest jackpot an Illinois lottery winner has ever received and the 5th largest in the MegaMillion's history.

Whoever picked the winning lotto numbers 23-33-53-56-58 and MegaBall 6 must now prepare for a whole new lifestyle. With that much wealth, they could pick anywhere in the world to spend it.

Did you know Chicago Illinois is famous for having a river that flows backwards? This may not be the best reason to pick the city as your home. With a large jackpot in your pocket you can take your pick of any number of interesting locations.

What lifestyle would you pick as a new millionaire? We would all be tempted to experience the things we never could before. An exotic, unique place can help you celebrate the winning lotto numbers. Let’s look at a few places to consider: 

The ultimate event in a millionaire’s life is to live on an island. You can purchase your own if you win Saturday's US Powerball lotto jackpot of $510-Million.

If you think you’ll get bored you can travel and visit many different islands:

  • French Polynesia is as far from average living as you can find. These islands have white beaches and many lagoons to swim in. You won’t have to work with a fortune in the bank. Spend your time exploring the caves on the 118 small islands. That’s the life!
  • If you want to be near the mainland opt for Whitsunday Islands. They’re located off the coast of Australia near Queensland. You’ll find beautiful beaches, mountains and wildlife. Tick off an item on your bucket list by visiting the Great Barrier Reef!

Perhaps you don’t want to escape to a remote piece of land. If you enjoy city living there are many excellent towns to pick from. Your jackpot enables you to pick the best option in terms of business, cleanliness, healthcare and entertainment.

Consider these impressive cities and search for your dream home in one of them.

  • Europe: Pick Hamburg in Germany or Vienna in Austria. You can experience truly classic cities. View old architecture and historical places while you enjoy modern living.
  • Australia: Consider Perth. Have the benefit of excellent infrastructures while you can still visit the beach whenever you feel like it.
  • Canada: Canada has various impressive cities. They offer excellent healthcare and other services while you can experience beautiful natural views as well. Visit Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary before making your final decision

Which type of place caught your attention? You have unique preferences. With a jackpot winning you can live where the lifestyle aligns with your desires. Make sure your lottery ticket is ready for this week’s draw. Play the lottery online and get your passport ready to start travelling.