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How one small change can make you a millionaire

Thu 02 Nov 2017, By Henry 'Mystic' Maven
One right step

This past week saw changes in the MegaMillions lottery game, with Tuesday's draw the first under the new rules. These adjustments promise to make play this game even more exciting than it already is.

This Friday your Mega Millons lottery ticket can win you $48-Million, which can change your life completely.

While we tend to avoid change, getting out of our comfort zone is sometimes the best thing that can happen.

Changes the Turned into Fortunes

The increase in the minimum mega millions lotto jackpot (from $15 Million to $40-Million) means that Friday's jackpot is already millions of dollars more than it would have been under the old rules. That’s enough reason to embrace change.

Below you’ll find many changes that turned into exceptional fortunes for people in the past. Simply ask these millionaires and successful business owners and they’ll confirm change is a good thing.

Over the past decades many fortunes were made when people dared to think up new, exciting ideas. Here are a few you’ll recognize and their successes should inspire you to pick you numbers and change your life too.

The McDonald’s Empire

McDonald’s is not simply another restaurant. This franchise initiated standardization in all their meals and used automated production lines. When it was started in 1955 this was a new idea in the food industry.

People loved that they knew exactly what they would get when purchasing a McDonald’s meal. That’s why this franchise became so popular.

Today McDonald’s serves 70 million customers a day around the globe and is already active in 120 countries. Customers keep going back for more, making this company worth over $100-Billion.

When Facebook Transformed Communication

If you are like a lot of people you probably use Facebook every day. In a really short time it has become a normal part of everyday life for billions of internet users. You may wonder whether Mark Zuckerberg knew the impact his social platform would have when he started it in 2004.

But Mark wasn’t afraid of change and his creation helps 2 Billion people communicate daily. The company is worth $306-Billion and we’re all thankful he brought this entertaining and increasingly useful change to our lives.

How Otis Elevators Elevated Profits

In 1854 people still had to use stairs to climb to the top of buildings. Luckily in that year Elisha Otis invented the elevator and today we can all reach the higher storeys in buildings quickly and safely.

Thanks to Otis' commitment to change, the way we live our lives is easier and buildings could get taller and taller and still be practical. As a part of United Technologies, the Otis Elevator Company is part of a multibillion dollar company.

The Ford Fortune

It only takes one person to think of an original idea. Thanks to Henry Ford’s idea we all enjoy modern transport in the form of motor cars. Ford’s innovations stretched far as he was also the developer of moving assembly lines that are used in all industries today.

Decades later Ford is still one of the most successful motor car brands and the company - still controlled by Ford’s family - is worth $70-Billion.

What will you do to initiate change? A simple lottery ticket can be the way your future gets altered for the better. But you’ll never know if you don’t try. Get ready for this week’s draws or prepare for even larger MegaMillions prizes in future. But don’t miss your chance.