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How Only a few Euros Can Turn into €130-Million

Wed 18 Apr 2018, By Jerry Westford
The Huge SuperEnoLotto Jackpot Won at Last

We've waited almost nine months for this. After many rollovers the SuperEnalotto jackpot climbed to over €130-Million and then last night one lucky ticket holder from Caltanissetta in Sicily guessed those all-important six winning numbers.

Now we just have to see who comes forward to claim that prize.

According to game rules he or she only has 90 days to validate the ticket and get those millions. That's not a lot of time when compared with some of the other biggest lottery games out there. Hopefully the lucky winner is keeping their ticket safe!

Whoever they are, he or she only spent a few Euros on their ticket with the winning lottery numbers. That one decision and the numbers 12-23-39-54-72-73 brought the player just over €130-Million. So never underestimate the small things in life. They could bring you the best results.

When you stop off during your daily routine, do you remember to get your lotto tickets? The decisions you make during an average day could bring you amazing luck. So is your ticket ready for the next SuperEnalotto draw?

Why we Love the SuperEnaLotto

Remember, playing the SuperEnalotto is not only about winning the jackpot. That's the best outcome of course, but the many other prizes you can win makes it worthwhile and fun to play until you hit that huge number one day.

Statistically this is one of the more difficult lotteries to win in. But that keeps it exciting, right? The reason why it's worth trying is because of the enormous prize pool. After some changes in the play, 60% of ticket sales are now allocated to prizes. This is 25% more than it was previously, making it much more lucrative to take part.

Previous Wins

The long list of winners is another reason the SuperEnalotto's supporters are so committed to the game. This huge win isn't even the biggest in history. There have been four larger jackpots since the game started in the 1990s. The biggest ever was €177-Million, won in 2010.

That jackpot was won by a huge syndicate of 70 people. But it seems this latest huge win is going to one extremely lucky lottery player, wining on his or her own. Which strategy will you use to win the jackpot?

And how big will your win be when it's your numbers they call out? Thanks to a generous starting jackpot of €24-Million, your SuperEnaLotto ticket could also become your ticket to the high life. So there's no need to wait eight months. Keep those tickets ready.