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How Simple Decisions Turned Into Two Jackpots

Thu 27 Jul 2017, By Jerry Westford
Simple decisions big rewards

Don’t you love it when ordinary decisions turn into life changing events? If it hasn’t happened to you, it may be because you simply need to look for opportunities now and then.

For Rosa, a teenager from Arizona, her optimistic approach to life turned into winning two jackpots.

Rosa’s Story

Rosa Dominguez is only 19 years old, but her life already carries an epic legacy. She recently purchased dollar scratch cards at her local gas station. She almost cried when one of them won her $555 000.

For Rosa the winning experience, wasn’t a once in a lifetime occasion. A few days later she once again tried her luck. Her optimism paid off. This time a scratch card won her another $100 000.

It’s admirable that Rosa didn’t give up after her first win. In the same fashion, other lottery winners should keep at it as well. If you guess the correct mega millions numbers this week, you can win $282-Million in Friday's draw. Will that keep you from trying to win more prizes in future?

Many other people experience exceptional luck via ordinary decisions. Even if you’ve won in the past, if you had a ticket with numbers 12-14-43-44-48 and the lucky stars 2-11 during Tuesday’s euromillions lottery draw, you could’ve walked away with €45-Million. No-one else did either, so this Friday's draw is for €57-Million!

There are more stories about people winning multiple jackpots. Here are a few to inspire you while you pick your next lottery numbers:

2 Jackpots – 1 Day

  • In 2015 a Californian resident won two times in one day. The total of his winnings was $10 001 000.
  • In 2012, Virginia Fike won two $1 Million prizes via PowerBall tickets she bought at the grocery store.

Perfecting the Technique

Stefan Mandel from Romania studied lottery winnings. He devised plans on how to win the lottery and succeeded in winning a total of 14 times from the 1950’s onwards. Thanks to his persistence he retired early and went to live on an island in the Pacific Ocean.

When Ordinary Turns to Extreme

Other people’s experiences also prove that it’s worth taking a chance or two in life. Simple decisions have led to amazing stories:

  • Izzy Arkin from America left an ordinary job and moved to Japan. Why? Because he wanted to become a ninja. He went for training, pursued his vision and found happiness. Today he also helps to inspire others to follow their dreams.
  • Stephenie Meyer was an ordinary housewife. She had an interesting dream about a vampire. This she turned into a range of books and today she’s the well known author of the Twilight Saga. Her first book was a hit, but so was her second and third. Through these and the movie versions of the books, she earned $40-Million in royalties.

These individuals wouldn’t have tasted their success if they gave up along the way. Their success didn’t stop them from writing more books or doing more with their new found happiness.

This is why one lottery winning—big or small—should never keep you from trying again. Rosa’s story shows that lightning can strike twice in one place. Who says you aren’t the next winner of two—or more—jackpots? Make sure your lottery ticket is ready for this week’s draw, otherwise you’ll never know.