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How to Date After Winning a $220-Million Jackpot

Mon 22 Mar 2021, By Lisa Bonnet
Date like a winner

You probably think winning a jackpot is the ultimate night of your life. But I would like to differ - it's what comes after that you will really remember.

When you go on a date with the love of your life it's always wonderful, but when you do so as a lottery winner then you can't settle for an ordinary evening, right?

This week you could win $220-Million if you get the right US Powerball winning lottery numbers. Such a fortune will help you organize the date of a lifetime. But where will you get tips on getting it right? How do the celebrities and the rich do it? Here's what we could find out.


Guess what? Celebrities love good meals as much as you do. The only difference: They dine in style.

That's why you'd see celebrity couples coming out of Craig's in New York, where they enjoy true American cuisine in style. This is one of the best areas to spot celebrities such as Kim Kardashian. Will you be one of them in future?

If you go to other parts of the world you could opt for:

  • Chateau Marmont on Sunset Boulevard
  • Crossroad Kitchen in Hollywood
  • 34 Restaurant in London
  • Verjus Restaurant in Paris
  • Nobu in Los Angeles

Of course there are also celebrity chef restaurants you can try out where the likes of Jamie Oliver or Gordon Ramsay have a say. What's so great about these places? These guys are fanatical about the customer experience. You and your date will be served in style, and your dishes will be five star quality.

A Show

If you love going to live shows there's no reason to stop when you become famous. Many stars are seen at:

  • NHL Ice hockey shows
  • Basketball games at the famous Madison Square Garden
  • Live music shows all over the world

Celebrities love supporting each other's shows. The only difference is they don't simply watch the show. They hang out backstage too!

If you win the €125-Million SuperEnaLotto jackpot this week you can purchase a backstage pass to your favorite event. Or perhaps you'll get invited anyway. Instead of taking a selfie with your date only, you'll have your favorite musician or sportsman in the picture too! That's a memorable moment!

Out and About

But you don't want to be stuck indoors necessarily, do you? Walking outside is the ideal place to get to know your new partner.

You'll be happy to know the stars love going to public areas such as organic markets and parks. The romance and style of New York or Paris are perfect for making memories.

With open spaces and natural light it's the perfect setting to show off your fashion sense and take stunning photographs. Post them on social media to let everyone know you're in love.

If you have your lottery ticket ready for this week's MegaMillions lottery draw you could be a millionaire within a week. Are you ready for the celebrity dating scene?