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How to Spend Your Jackpot Like a True Millionaire

Thu 01 Feb 2018, By Jerry Westford
Invest your jackpot!

The princely sum of €108-Million could be all yours if you have your ticket ready to play the EuroMillions on Friday. And do you know what you’re going to do with your fortune yet?

Perhaps the question is what CAN’T you do?

A jackpot like tomorrow’s can do more than set you up for life - it can make many fun dreams come true. We want to help you plan your spending. That’s why we made the list featured below.

Remember to Invest

Let’s start off smart. When you invest your lottery winnings you’re guaranteed a lifetime of luxury living! And these days you have so many investment options.

A Home Away from Home

If you're the winner of Friday's fantastic EuroMillions jackpot don’t simply settle for a large mansion in your hometown. Travel abroad and look for the ideal home in another country. You know this is what the rich and famous celebrities do, and it's always a smart investment.

Some of them even take it one step further. What do Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio, Celine Dion and Mel Gibson have in common? These famous personalities have their own islands.

If buying a holiday home isn’t exciting enough for you then start looking for your private island at a minimum cost of $970 000.

Own Your City

Perhaps you’re looking for the ultimate in property investment. There’s one more extreme way of spending your jackpot. You can buy your own city. Or at least, small town.

In Dakota there was a hamlet available for $400 000, in Canada a variety of small towns are sold for $995 000 to $2.8M and they are always looking for people who want to buy villages in France and Spain. When you use your winnings for this you can build your own tourist haven or simply enjoy the fact that you’re in charge as mayor.

Invest in a Sports Team

Your favorite sport can become your future pastime! Purchase shares in your favorite sports teams in the same way famous millionaires did:

  • Rapper Jay Z own the New Jersey Jets
  • Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith own the Philadelphia 76ers together

Fly into Space

There’s one more extreme way to use your jackpot. Forget that holiday to the South of France. The best holiday destination your money can get you is space. Yes—space.

For $250 000 you can have your own private charter for the 2.5 hour flight. You’ll be in space for a few minutes and see sights few other people will ever see firsthand. OK, so this is more of an investment in experience rather than assets, but it's an experience that is literally ‘out of this world’.

Are you motivated to buy your lottery ticket? These exciting ventures are waiting for you. Get ready to win this week’s $104-Million MegaMillions jackpot. You already know what you want to do with your winnings.