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How to choose lottery numbers that work for you

Thu 27 Apr 2017, By Henry 'Mystic' Maven
Be like Eliberto - Make your numbers work for you

You’re probably wishing that it was your name written on the oversized check for 177 Million dollars Mr Eliberto Cantu received last week. Mr Cantu held the winning ticket in the Mega Millions lottery in Arkansas and he walked away the biggest winner in the state (for now).

He and his wife must be very happy that they took a chance, bought their lottery ticket and chose those specific mega millions numbers.

Such a huge winning can make you wonder how you should choose numbers on the next lottery ticket you buy. There are many guidelines you can follow, but one that people have often found luck with is choosing numbers that carry significant personal meaning.


You can use yours’ and your family members’ birthdays by breaking up parts of the date. If you remember to include birth years then you have the advantage of a broader range of numbers, which is useful in games like the mega millions lottery where the main numbers go up to 75. You’re then left with usable numbers for a lottery ticket. Your day and month of birth can count as two separate numbers or double digits can be broken singles. Your year of birth can be divided into two, three or four numbers. You will then have enough numbers to use for your lottery ticket. This method works great when you buy a lottery ticket on your own.

An alternative option is to partner with someone close to you. You can use both your birthdates, break them up into single or double digits and trust that they will be the winning lottery numbers. You have the benefit of sharing the expense of the lottery ticket with someone. Bear in mind that you’ll also need to share the winnings, so whoever partners with you must be trustworthy.

During March, three people each shared the UK Lotto jackpot with the winning numbers 6-11-12-19-27-31 and bonus ball 42. Looking at the 19 you can easily see how those numbers could have been drawn from someone’s birthdate in the previous century. Winning £663 276 with numbers sourced from your birthdate is the perfect birthday present!


You may also have anniversary dates that are meaningful to you. A wedding anniversary is the perfect source of numbers for a couple. Imagine the joy of winning a jackpot with digits that already mean so much to you! You can purchase your winning lottery ticket on your own, or partner with your spouse. This could be the perfect way to celebrate your wedding day when it comes around again. Remember, you’ll have to share the spoils though.

You can also try using anniversary dates of lucky occasions. Think about the day you finally got your dream car; or perhaps there’s a day you experienced a life-threatening event but survived to tell the tale. These dates already have a sense of fortune attached to them. Maybe there’s more luck to be found in the significance of those dates.

So, what are YOUR significant dates? Think about why these dates mean something to you. Using them on a lottery ticket may be the perfect way of celebrating the memory or occasion. Making someone part of the experience may even add some emotional value, since joy is always better when it’s shared.