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How to make your lottery jackpot dreams come true this year

Mon 06 Feb 2017, By Jerry Westford
How to make your lottery jackpot dreams come true this year

Anyone who buys a lottery ticket has one goal in mind—winning a jackpot. Whether you’ve been playing for years, or only recently discovered the thrill of playing the lottery, having a plan can go a long way to making your dreams a reality.

So while you’re working on keeping your New Year’s resolutions now that 2017 is into its second month, keep the following in mind to improve your chances of winning the lottery:

Pick the lottery you want to win

Thanks to the internet and the services of an online lottery ticket agent, you can play any of the big international lotteries. Even those who don’t play the lottery will have heard of the US Powerball. After setting a record-breaking $1 600 000 000 jackpot in January 2016, it’s the one lottery everyone wants to play.

But there’s no need to limit yourself to one lottery. Why not try something different this year? You can play EuroMillions online or the Spanish La Primitiva. Each lottery has something different to offer players, so do some research. Find out what odds they offer, how big the jackpots can get and how many lotto numbers you need to pick. This will guide you to finding the lottery that suits your style of play.

Set a lottery budget

There’s no need to dig into your savings to play the lottery. Lottery tickets don’t cost much, but you’ll get more enjoyment out of playing if you learn to stick with a budget. That’s also why you should buy lottery tickets online.

You can deposit funds into your account to get started and let your small winnings build up over time. Then you have the choice of transferring them to your private bank account, or using them to buy more lottery tickets. It makes it much easier to keep track of how much you spend, and how much you win.

Play every draw

Some lotteries have only one draw a week, such as the EuroJackpot while others such as the Powerball and Mega Millions have two draws every week. And the Spanish BonoLoto has as many as six draws a week! Once you’ve set a budget, you’ll need to ensure you can buy tickets for every draw.

Experts recommend playing consistently because it increases your odds of winning. And many of the big lottery winners are regular players. Some of them even keep buying lottery tickets after they’ve won. Buy lottery tickets online to save time and effort and you’ll never have to worry about missing out on a chance to win.

Pick your lotto numbers with care

Many players rely on dates such as birthdays and anniversaries as inspiration for their lotto numbers. And while some of them have gone on to win big jackpots; players who use the Quick Pick option tend to win more often.

If you prefer to pick your own numbers, try and choose a random set. If you rely on a date, you could eliminate more than half the numbers in the playing field. And that will drastically reduce your chances of winning a jackpot. Rather pick a mix of odd and even, high and low numbers to increase your odds.

Create your own lottery syndicate

If you have friends, family or co-workers who love playing the lottery as much as you do, why not set up a lottery syndicate? By pooling your money together, you’ll be able to buy more lottery tickets. That’s one of the best ways to improve your odds because you can cover more numbers that way.

Statistics show that one in five lotteries is won by a syndicate, so if you don’t mind sharing your prize, a lottery syndicate could be ideal for you. It doesn’t matter how many players are part of the syndicate. If you win a big prize, you could all become instant millionaires.

Stay positive

Winning the lottery isn’t easy because the odds are incredibly high. And it can be a bit discouraging when you buy lottery tickets online every week, and still don’t get any closer to the bagging the big prize. That’s where it pays to think positively. With a positive attitude, you’d be amazed at what you can accomplish. Even winning a jackpot isn’t impossible if you remain optimistic that the lottery results will roll in your favour.

Have fun

A lottery ticket is your license to dream a little, so have some fun with it. Don’t be afraid to imagine all the incredible things you could do with a Powerball or EuroMillions jackpot. It’s an exercise often used to help people discover their true passion in life. If money was no object, how would you want to spend your time?

With a little luck, and a lot of persistence, playing the lottos could pay off in a big way. But this year, instead of buying a ticket and hoping for the best, put a little effort into the way you play the lottery. And by this time next year, you could be a multi-millionaire.