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Irish Syndicate Scores €500,000 Jackpot Prize

Mon 14 Dec 2015, By Jerry Westford
Irish Syndicate Wins €500,000 Jackpot Prize

Lottery syndicates are common enough, but winning the jackpot prize, even while in a mega-syndicate, is still close to impossible. Yet for these ten workmates who're part of a National Irish Lotto syndicate, they struck gold earlier this month when they won €500,000 from their regular €60 lotto ticket purchase.

For well over two years, the ten-person strong lottery syndicate continued to play the same numbers, and was never able to secure a big win. For two years, each person paid €6 per lotto draw without any luck - yet when Deirdre Gingles (the sole female member of the group) received an email from the National Lottery, she knew that her fortunes had changed and seeing that €500,000 plastered across her email made her jump for joy.

For one lucky syndicate member, his luck truly had come in as he recently lost his job at Mafic (the manufacturing company they all worked at) but had wisely decided to remain in the syndicate to see if his luck would pay out.

Other members of the syndicate almost did not receive their payout, and one man, Gabriel Finegan, actually considered pulling out as his shifts had changed and he wanted to save money.

"I recently changed shifts at work and was considering leaving the lottery syndicate. I spoke to Deirdre about it last Friday and she advised me to sleep on it before making my decision so I decided to remain in the group. I can't bear to think about what would've happened if I'd left."

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