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Is it time for another big EuroJackpot winner?

Fri 08 Jul 2016, By Patty Reynolds
Is it time for another big EuroJackpot winner?

Back in March one German lottery player made the history books when he claimed the €76.7 million EuroJackpot grand prize. This is the second biggest Eurojackpot jackpot since a massive €90 million was won by a player from the Czech Republic back in May 2015.

This latest big winner hails from the Rhein-Sieg region near Colonge in the Nordrhein-Westfalen region of Germany. They bought just one line and was lucky enough to match all five main numbers and both bonus numbers. The jackpot had already rolled over eight times when they won it.

Amazingly, Germany also had four out of the six winners of the second prize division, who matched all five main numbers but only one bonus number. Joined by a player from Sweden and one from Slovakia, they’ll each take home a handsome prize of €421 735 each. Not a bad return on their investment in a EuroJackpot ticket, wouldn’t you say!

The last Eurojackpot was won on Friday the 13th of May - a lucky day for someone! As of today, it has rolled over eight times and now stands at a mouthwatering €48 million.

The Eurojackpot is open to players in 17 countries, although many players buy their tickets online from around the world. This may be the reason behind the record-breaking jackpots that we’ve seen lately. As ticket sales go up, the prize pool gets bigger and that means even winners in the other prize divisions have the chance to win more money.

Launched only a few years ago in 2012, the EuroJackpot has grown to become one of the most popular lotteries in the world. It boasts an impressive starting jackpot of €10 million which can roll over up to €90 million. It has a total of 12 prize divisions, including the jackpot and was designed to pay out more often. Draws take place in Helsinki every Friday.

The EuroJackpot is incredibly easy to play. You simply have to choose 5 main numbers from a pool of 1 – 50 and two bonus numbers from 1 – 10. The odds of winning are better than many other lotteries as there are 12 prize divisions. Even matching just two main numbers and one bonus number will get you a little pay out. The odds of winning the jackpot are 1: 95 344 200, which may seem astronomical, but someone else has done so there’s no reason why you can’t be the next big winner.

If you’re not a European resident you can still play the EuroJackpot. Buy your tickets online through a legitimate concierge ticket service and you’ll have the chance to win one of those record-breaking jackpots too. Tickets are purchased on your behalf and you can manage your account from the comfort of your device.

And you won’t have to worry about making your way to Europe to claim your prize. Smaller prizes are deposited into your online account within a few days after the draw has taken place. You’ll be notified via email about your win so you don’t even have to look up the winning numbers online.

Then you can use the money in your account to buy more lottery tickets for the EuroJackpot or any of the other international jackpots available. Buying your lottery tickets online opens up a whole new world for lottery enthusiasts. Having access to these big lotteries is a dream come true for any enthusiast. But, you should familiarise yourself with the taxes that may apply to lottery winnings.  These will vary from country to country and even foreign players will have to pay the necessary taxes before they get their money.

Aside from that, playing the lottery online just makes it so much easier. You can even subscribe to your favourite lotteries so you don’t have to remember to buy tickets before every draw. That way you’ll miss a thing and the online service will handle everything for you. It’s becoming more and more popular as players around the world take advantage of the convenience it offers.

No doubt, many lottery players in Germany will be buying tickets for the next EuroJackpot draw. The country seems to be on a bit of a winning streak and plenty of players will be keen to try their luck at bagging a jackpot. In fact, Germany has the most EuroJackpot winners with 13 players taking the grand prize. That accounts for just over 40% of the winners from all the countries where the jackpot is played. Finland follows with 10 winners while Denmark holds third place with just two winners to date.

While the identity of the latest German winner remains unknown, one wonders what they’ll be spending their money on. What would you do if you suddenly came into a fortune as large as €76.7 million? You may just have the chance to find out if you buy a EuroMillions ticket for the next draw. Good luck!