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Let a €90-Million Jackpot Make You a Superstar Too

Thu 24 May 2018, By Patty Reynolds
European glory could be yours

Earlier this month Lisbon was a bustle of activity as artists got ready to represent their countries and contend for the ultimate title: Eurovision’s winner of 2018. The outcome was surprizing as the press didn’t think Israel’s Netta would make it all the way to the top.

But Netta—with her unique style and catchy song ‘Toy’—took the title and now she’s set for a life of fortune and fame.

What could Netta’s future hold? You only have to look at some other Eurovision winners to realize the huge possibilities.

Eurovision Stars in History

Yes, this contest is mostly focused on countries contending with each other. But a few artists acquired much personal fame after taking part. I’m sure you’ve heard of these stars before.


Who doesn’t know about this foursome who took the world by storm for decades? Their music even inspired musicals and movies so you know they’ve made their mark in the world.

Their journey began in the 1970s but their huge success only came after their Eurovision win in 1974. Shortly after, from 1976 onwards, the band toured the world and kept going until the 1980s.

Good news for their fans is that they’re busy with new projects and have recorded new songs. Does the future still hold more magic for these guys and girls?

Celine Dion

Here’s another star that needs no introduction. In 1988 she won the Eurovision title for Switzerland with a song called ‘Ne partez pas sans moi’. At that stage—at the age of about 20—Celine only had limited fame in certain countries such as France.

Today her songs are known by all cultures and ages. Currently you can hear on the new Deadpool 2 soundtrack with her song ‘Ashes’. Here’s another artist that simply keeps going. Her talent, hard work and millions of fans’ support has earned her a net worth of $630-Million. You'd have to be a huge Powerball jackpot winner to get that kind of wealth!

Olivia Newton John

You may know her from the hit musical film ‘Grease’, but in 1974 Olivia Newton John was also on the Eurovision stage. No she didn’t win with her song ‘Long Live Love’ but it must have played a role in building her musical career.

Today she’s still a crowd favorite in both pop and country music and she’s worked with the best in the business such as the music label EMI. With 100 million of her records sold over the years she’s one of the world’s best selling artists ever.

Netta didn’t know what would happen at the contest but she took a chance. Will you take one too? She won despite many odds stacked against her. With a EuroJackpot lottery ticket in your hand you could walk away with €90-Million this week. Will you give it a shot?