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Live a Life Like Oprah With Your €151M Jackpot

Thu 15 Feb 2018, By Dean Cromwell
Be like Oprah instantly

How would you feel if you won €151M in a EuroMillions draw? That’s possible this week! Your life can be transformed overnight.

It could be a rags to riches story reminiscent of Oprah Winfrey’s life.

Oprah used the few resources she had and built an empire. And her success simply keeps on growing. With a lottery ticket in your hand you can have a prosperous future too! Here’s how Oprah did it. How will you achieve your dreams?

Oprah’s Journey to Success

Oprah’s career began when she graduated from Tennessee State University in 1973 and started as a news anchor. During the next few years she moved to Baltimore and then to Chicago.

Each time she moved her audience grew and in the 1980s she had instant success with her talk show. She even surpassed talk show host Phil Donahue’s ratings. This led to her show being broadcast nationwide, almost as good as winning the lottery! Today she’s famous for The Oprah Winfrey Show that was broadcast for over 20 years.

And what did this bring her?

Oprah’s Fortune

With her immense success and funds she had available Oprah started Harpo Productions. Over the years this empire grew to give Oprah an estimated net worth of $2.7-Billion!

With that amount in her bank account she can afford all these luxuries:

  • 8 homes situated in places like Chicago, California and Hawaii
  • A private jet
  • Private art collections worth millions
  • 63 acres of land near Maui’s Hamoa Beach
  • Leaving her dogs $30M in her will
  • A rose in her garden specifically bred for her

All this was made possible by starting off small.

You don’t want to miss out on your chance to live like Oprah does.

Oprah’s Good Deeds

Best of all is Oprah’s fortune benefits many people! Over the years Oprah spent millions on various good causes:

  • $40M to build the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy.
  • $40M to various causes around the globe.
  • She will leave one Billion dollars to charity in her will.
  • She donates personal items such as luxury cars to charity auctions. Everyone wants to own something that belonged to Oprah!
  • She once gave $1000 to each of her 300 audience members so they could donate it to their preferred charities.

Oprah has so much influence that there’s a street named after her in Chicago. Do you want to be this powerful?

Oprah made one correct decision after the other. Decide to purchase your lottery ticket online for the €151-Million EuroMillions jackpot this week. It may be your first decision on the road to a luxurious, powerful future. Let a jackpot jump start your journey towards an empire.