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Live the royal life with your lottery jackpot

Mon 22 May 2017, By Patty Reynolds
Life the royal life with the lottery

This month saw Prince Phillip retiring from public duties at the age of 96. The royals live glamorous lives as they travel the world and spend time in their castles. However, Prince Phillip's busy public life is proof of the hard work this family does for their country.

Your lottery ticket can bring you a taste of the glamorous life, because this week's EuroMillions jackpot is enough to purchase a castle anywhere in Europe, even if it's a small one.

The amazing jackpot of at €116M could be yours if you are lucky enough to have the winning lotto numbers. Do you have your ticket ready for this week's draw?

Here are some more facts about the royals so you can plan your luxurious life:

Social work

The royal family is very involved in charity work. Most of them started their own charities to combat social problems. Prince Phillip was involved with more than 780 organizations. He set up the Duke of Edinburgh awards which rewards youth achievements in 141 countries. These and other royal commitments kept him very busy, so no wonder he's ready to enjoy some rest. He deserves it.

You may want to use your next jackpot to help others. In 2013 Tom Crist won $40M in the lottery and decided to give it all to charity. He made this decision to honor his deceased wife. What will you do with your fortune when you pick the winning lotto numbers?

Public service

The royals love their many homes such as Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace. Many of them do have jobs though, so they can't laze around in the castles all day. Years ago Queen Elizabeth worked as a truck mechanic as part of the war effort.

Until recently Prince William was an air ambulance helicopter pilot. For years he put his life at risk to help others as part of Britain's armed forces. Another brave man who made the news this month is a Fort Drum soldier, Jesse Vanderhorst. He won $5M with his lottery ticket. His exciting life as a soldier got even more extreme overnight.

The jewels and riches

You can't talk about the royal family without mentioning their fortune. A recent valuation of the royal family's commercial value mentioned a total of £44.5 Billion. The palaces and jewels cover £18.1 Billion of this amount.

The stunning collection of jewels accumulated over many years as monarchs and world leaders presented the royal family with gifts. You can start your own collection of jewellery and valuable items if your US Powerball lottery ticket wins you this week's staggering jackpot of $250 Million. You can have a shopping spree as never before without thinking about a price tag.

Picking winning lottery numbers is your chance to taste the life of glitz and glamor. You see some of it on television when the royals drive through the crowds in their gilded coaches. You may not have their titles, but you can experience many other aspects of the royals' lives. Do you have your lottery tickets ready?