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Lottery fraudster busted for impersonating an FBI agent

Fri 26 Aug 2016, By Dean Cromwell
Lottery fraudster busted for impersonating an FBI agent

This story may finally convince you that it’s better to buy Powerball lottery tickets online. In June this year, Vania Lee Allen, a 30 year-old Jamaican woman, plead guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud in a Georgian court. She also admitted to impersonating an FBI agent.

It’s clear that Vania was willing to go to considerable lengths to dupe her victim. Something that will never happen to you if you get your US lottery tickets online.

But Vania wasn’t acting alone. She had a co-conspirator in her home country of Jamaica to help her pull off the scam. He contacted an elderly Georgian resident and claimed to have won the lottery. He then instructed the victim to make payments to various people to help him claim the winnings. It’s not uncommon for people who do play the lottos to be taken in by fraudsters.

Vania got involved when she travelled to the victim’s home claiming to be an agent from the FBI. She assured the victim that the lottery was legitimate. She also gave the victim a cell phone and directed him to speak with the person on the line. Of course, this was her co-conspirator in Jamaica.

Such lottery schemes are not new. Every year people who play US lottery games lose tens of millions of dollars by falling for these scams. They almost always involve a co-conspirator in the United States to aid an air of authenticity to the scheme. But the Department of Justice is determined to track down and prosecute these fraudsters, no matter where they operate. This is good news if you’re a fan of the US Powerball.

It’s a relief to know that the authorities are aware of these scams and that they are actively pursuing the perpetrators. But, as always, there’s a lesson to be learned. If you really want to know how to win the lottery, the answer is—play EuroMillions online. Don’t be swayed by someone who promises you a fortune when it involves spending a substantial amount of your own money. You have a better chance of increasing your wealth if you play online lottery USA games.

A lottery ticket is a much smaller investment to make, and playing the lottery is a legitimate way to make a fortune.  The US Powerball and Mega Millions regularly offer outstanding jackpots and there’s always the possibility that you could scoop a smaller prize. With some savvy investing, you could grow that into a decent nest egg.

These fraudsters tend to be very convincing and they tend to prey on vulnerable people. You may think that anyone that falls for a scam like this is just greedy or gullible, but that’s seldom the reason why. The truth is more likely to be that their victim is a kind-hearted person who doesn’t have anyone looking out for them. They’re usually only trying to help, but instead of being rewarded for their efforts, they’re bled dry. But you can’t be taken advantage of like this if you play lottery online USA.

So many people are taken in by the fraudsters because they are so convincing. Just look at the lengths they’ll go to in an effort to keep their victims paying up. And while Vania and her co-conspirator may be brought to justice, it’s unlikely that their victim will be able to recover their money. It’s much safer to buy EuroMillions online.

You should be wary if anyone contacts you claiming that you have won an international lottery. Even if you have no recollection of entering any kind of lottery, they’ll try to convince you that there were no ticket sales but that winners were drawn based on their email addresses. They’ll also tell you not to mention your big win to anyone else. They may try to explain this by saying that there was a mix-up with the draw and they don’t want this mistake to be public knowledge. That can’t happen if you play Powerball online as all winners cannot remain anonymous.

Once they’ve got you hooked they’ll tell you that you need to pay a ‘processing fee’ in order to claim your prize. Even if you do pay, you’ll never get your prize. They’ll keep coming up with stories about why the money hasn’t been put into your account. They’ll keep asking you to make payments to get your prize processed, and that’s how you could end up losing everything. With Powerball online play, payouts are guaranteed.

It’s always sad to see people fall prey to such unscrupulous scam artists, but it happens all the time. You should always be suspicious of any email or phone call where someone claims that you’ve won a prize you don’t remember entering for.

Play it safe and rather buy lottery tickets online. Pick your lotto numbers and watch the lottery results. Even if you’re the biggest EuroMillions winner, the online ticket concierge money will verify your ticket and confirm your win in a legitimate email. Your prize money will be paid into your online account within days. You’ll never have to pay to get your prize and you can rest easy knowing that this is a legal way to play and win American lottery online.