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Lucky EuroMillions lottery winner has double the Irish luck

Mon 22 Feb 2016, By Patty Reynolds
lottery winner wins twice with two tickets she practically forgot about

Some people have all the luck, such as this woman from the UK who won not only once with her EuroMillions ticket, but twice. And to make matters even luckier, the woman (who has decided to remain anonymous) has only been playing the EuroMillions for a mere two months.

Now that you've heard of her incredible luck, wouldn't you want to purchase tickets for the EuroMillions online?

Her very first EuroMillions ticket was purchased 6 February on a pure whim, as she describes it. The second was snapped up on Tuesday 9 February. For both tickets, the exact same set of numbers were used and best of all, both tickets netted her €21 500, or €43 000 in total! The tickets held the same numbers as the results and matched 5 numbers of the recent EuroMillions draw.

The anonymous EuroMillions lottery winner and her friend (whom she purchased tickets with), collected their winnings from the lottery offices located in Dublin. When she picked up the ticket, she said,

"I don't know what made me forget I'd already played! We're only playing EuroMillions together since the start of this year, and our lucky numbers were 6,9,13,28,37, which we picked ourselves. There were only two Match 5 EuroMillions wins in Ireland on that night, and we had both of them, so we're delighted with ourselves,"
Clearly for some, the lottery is not always in the forefront of their mind.

As for the plans of what to do with their small fortune, the pair of lottery ladies is going to keep it simple. "We plan to use the wins to holiday in either France, Portugal or Eastern Europe. We'll pay off a few bills as well. And we'll definitely continue to play EuroMillions together - it's obviously a really lucky game for us."