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Lucky UK Lotto Winner Scores Double Jackpot Win

Tue 15 Dec 2015, By Dean Cromwell
UK Man Wins Lotto twice within five years

Luck is the very cornerstone of a lotto player's life. Besides some loose strategies, most if not every lotto win is pure random chance. And it's on this note we reveal the story of an accidental lotto jackpot win that will make you believe in chance again. UK truck driver Stuart Powel won a tidy sum of £55,000 with the EuroMillions in 2011.

This alone is brilliant, but luck favoured Mr. Powell again in 2015, when he won just over £1 million thanks to sheer coincidence (and poor customer service).

For the November 24th EuroMillions draw, Mr. Powell asked for a specific set of numbers down at his local lotto ticket seller. Luckily for Mr. Powell, the ticket seller accidently punched in the wrong set of lotto numbers, which led to him becoming an instant millionaire. Before the draw took place, Mr. Powell was furious and was constantly berating the lotto ticket seller for providing him with the incorrect numbers but when the draw took place on Tuesday and he saw that he had become a millionaire, his outlook quickly changed. Mr. Powell, a 50-year old father and husband, drove his truck down to Staffordshire to retrieve his winning cheque.

As it is with many lotto winners, Mr. Powell says the he refuses to change the way he lives and will continue to drive his truck and work the nightshift. "I've always worked hard. I've been working since I was 15 and I enjoy meeting people and helping people. I've been a truck driver for three years and I've no plans to stop." With his winnings so far, all Mr. Powell has purchased has been a nail gun plus a comfortable car for his wife, Denise.

Mr. Powell first won £55,464 on November 30 - 2011, which happens to fall on his birthday. He said that this was all spent on his wife and children. As for his recent win...

"The timing couldn't have been better with Christmas round the corner. Maybe when I sit at the table on Christmas Day it may start to sink in. To think I have won it twice is just unbelievable. It's the stuff of dreams."

Christmas is coming, and wouldn't you like to win it all, just like Stuart Powell? Then play the EuroMillions to win millions in jackpot prizes.