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Maths boffins invent lottery prediction system, name it The Million Dollar Curve

Thu 25 Feb 2016, By Dean Cromwell
Maths boffins invent lottery prediction system, name it The Million Dollar Curve

Do you think that it's possible to use maths to "crack" the lottery code, to instantly win lottery games such as the US Mega Millions and US Powerball?

Now, cryptographers from the Laboratoire de Mathématiques de Versailles in the University of Paris-Saclay have discovered something that may change the game of lottery altogether, and they're calling it the Million Dollar Curve.

Yet perhaps they should rename it to the Billion Dollar Curve as lottery jackpots are constantly hitting the billion-dollar point these days (thanks to rollovers).

Their aim is to find a convincing solution to the extreme "problem" of randomness. Here's what they have to say (and have fun trying to figure it out):

"Our method allows to build what we call a Publicly verifiable RNG [random number generator], from which we extract a seed that is used to instantiate and initialise a BlumBlum-Shub random generator. We then use the binary stream produced by this generator as an input to a filtering function which deterministically outputs secure and uniformly distributed parameters from uniform bitstreams,"
Essentially, to determine what the numbers are, the lottery number generator requires "seeds" (data) and while that data is easy to obtain, it's difficult to work with.

The numbers of the Million Dollar Curve are generated by a novel process and after enough seed information, it may one day produce actual lottery ticket predictions. In other words, this system is years, even decades away from being usable. The Million Dollar Curve is so powerful it is even able to (eventually) predict the outcome of the lottery even if there is random tampering from outside sources. For tampering to even be an issue, every single lottery draw across the world from the last draw must have been tampered with. You can read their entire document here, but it requires a degree in mathematics to even begin deciphering. Good luck!