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Millionaires get to celebrate with the celebrities

Tue 07 Mar 2017, By Henry 'Mystic' Maven
Millionaires get to celebrate with the celebrities

What would you do if you suddenly got handed the lifestyle of the rich and famous? Imagine the celebrities you saw at the Oscars recently. The Academy Awards ceremony is the perfect snapshot of what their luxurious lives are all about: style, comfort and smiles all the way. Even if one of them didn't win a golden trophy, he or she still walked away with a goody bag worth $100 000.

Not too bad! So how can you get a taste of such a luxurious, carefree life? A few individuals are doing this right now because they took a chance and became instant lottery winners!

Celebrity status made possible through the winning lottery numbers

Imagine the feeling of getting an immense boost to your income. In Spain's BonoLoto lottery there's was recently only one person who picked the correct six numbers, which means a lucky player now has €313 697 in their back pocket. With such a great amount of cash you're sure to feel as great as one of the Oscar winners on the red carpet. The winning numbers 11-26-27-31-42-48 brought a carefree lifestyle within reach for one lucky player!

A bit late but still a winner

The Mega Millions numbers 6-13-21-49-50 were Mr Anderson's lucky guess. But he didn't realise his luck until eight months after he bought his ticket, because he didn't check the Mega Millions results. Luckily his Hollywood lifestyle stayed within reach because his ticket was still valid. A few weeks ago he could claim his golden prize which had been waiting patiently all this time.

A whole list of winners

On Oscar night there is a whole list of ecstatic winners. In this past week the list of MegaMillions winners grew on a daily basis as more and more ticket holders claimed their prizes. Thanks to the lucky numbers 8-42-54-63-67 a resident of Michigan is now $1 000 000 richer. In true celebrity style Mr Frabotta aims to spend a piece of his winnings on assisting children's charities.

How to win the lottery

Taking a chance worked for these individuals and it can work for you too! All it takes is choosing your local or international lottery and choosing the lotto numbers you believe will bring you the greatest rewards in the form of a jackpot. Then you simply keep an eye on the online lotto results checkers and claim your prize - there are no false winner announcements with the lottery!

Jackpots waiting for winners

You can take up the role of winner by taking part in a lottery game today and picking the lucky numbers. Tonight in the EuroMillions you can win an estimated jackpot of €59 million! Winning tonight's US MegaMillions could mean writing an acceptance speech for $94 million! That's two of many jackpots out there! Then you simply have to keep your lottery ticket nearby and wait for the draw because you can be one of the lottery winners everyone hears of next week!

Inspiring Oscar speeches

The Academy Awards are always flavored with the excitement of winning but also with a focus on great talent, positive approaches to life and the incredible legacy the actors leave behind. Your legacy can be enhanced when your next lottery winnings enable you to do what you've always dreamt of doing.