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New Zealand lottery winner splits $15 million jackpot prize with his best mate

Mon 21 Dec 2015, By Lisa Bonnet
New Zealand lottery winner splits $15 million with his best mate

Are you both honest and a good friend? Then you might do what this New Zealand lottery winner did, namely splitting his $15 million prize right down the middle to share with his best friend.

Many years ago, the winner (who's chosen to remain anonymous) made a deal with his friend that if he won the mega jackpot prize, he would split it evenly with him.

"I'm going to tell my mate that $7.5 million is his. But I'm keeping that extra $250 000 - I think that's fair. I can't wait to tell him - we want to share the joy of this win and we know that this will absolutely make his family's Christmas, as well as ours."
The last massive multi-million prize claimed in New Zealand was back in September 2013, when a winner in Auckland scored over $33-million.

As for the extra $250 000, it was won by matching all the winning numbers from the New Zealand Powerball. Happily enough, and as perhaps a sign of good fortunes, the man had won a few hundred dollars in a draw earlier this year, but it was nothing life-changing like this!

The rules of the New Zealand Powerball state that those who win the jackpot prize are allowed to remain anonymous. As another bonus, all winnings are tax-free, except for the moment it is deposited in a bank, as tax is then due on the interest it generates. Then again, after just two years in the bank, the interest alone would generate a million dollars on its own.

The winner, who chose the exact same set of numbers for every draw, had no idea how much he had won when he realized that his numbers all matched up. As for what he plans to do now with his new found riches, the winner says that he will keep working and will purchase a car that he's "dreamed of owning for over twenty years." At the very least, the man and his extremely lucky best friend will be able to live the rest of his life in comfort.

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